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removed opencv conversions (which are now in their own pack)

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1 parent ac0629e commit 45c65c17f521dfd93e62454e0dcb15bdc4e70b67 @joreg joreg committed Feb 7, 2014
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  1. +0 −88 vvvv45/lib/diffff.xml
88 vvvv45/lib/diffff.xml
@@ -1261,94 +1261,6 @@
<NODE old="PhidgetRFID (Devices)" new="RFID (Devices Phidget)"></NODE>
- <PATCH version="45debug31.4">
- <NODE old="AdaptiveThreshold (OpenCV)" new="AdaptiveThreshold (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="AsImage (OpenCV DX11.Texture2D)" new="AsImage (DX11.Texture2D)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="AsImage (OpenCV Raw)" new="AsImage (Raw)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="AsTexture (OpenCV DX11.Texture2D)" new="AsTexture (CV.Image DX11.Texture2D)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="AsTexture (OpenCV EX9.Texture)" new="AsTexture (CV.Image EX9.Texture)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Average (OpenCV Temporal)" new="Average (CV.Image Temporal)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="AvgSdv (OpenCV Mean)" new="Average (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="BackgroundSubtract (OpenCV)" new="BackgroundSubtract (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="BoardObjectPoints (OpenCV)" new="BoardCorners (3d)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="CalibrateCamera (OpenCV)" new="CalibrateCamera (CV.Transform)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="CalibrateProjector (OpenCV)" new="CalibrateProjector (CV.Transform)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Canny (OpenCV)" new="Canny (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="CaptureProperty (OpenCV CLEye)" new="CaptureProperty (CV.Image CLEye)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="CaptureProperty (OpenCV DirectShow)" new="CaptureProperty (CV.Image DirectShow)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Change (OpenCV)" new="Change (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Chessboard (OpenCV DX9 Advanced)" new="Chessboard (DX9 Projected)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Chessboard (OpenCV DX9)" new="Chessboard (DX9)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ChessboardSpread (OpenCV Value)" new="Chessboard (Spreads)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Cons (OpenCV)" new="Cons (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Context (OpenCV OpenNI)" new="Context (CV.Image OpenNI)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Contour (OpenCV)" new="Contour (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ContourDelauney (OpenCV)" new="Delauney (CV.Contour)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ContourPerimeter (OpenCV Split)" new="Perimeter (CV.Contour Split)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ConvertScale (OpenCV)" new="ConvertScale (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Decode (OpenCV StructuredLight)" new="Decode (CV.StructuredLight)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Delauney (OpenCV Analysis Contour)" new="Delauney (CV.Contour)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="DetectFeatures (OpenCV Analysis Features)" new="DetectFeatures (CV..Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Dilate (OpenCV)" new="Dilate (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="DrawBoardCorners (OpenCV DX9 2D)" new="BoardCorners (DX9)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Encode (OpenCV StructuredLight)" new="Encode (CV .StructuredLight)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Erode (OpenCV)" new="Erode (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Extrinsics (OpenCV Split)" new="Extrinsics (CV.Transform Split)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="FeatureSet (OpenCV Features Split)" new="FeatureSet (CV.Features Split)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="FindBoard (OpenCV)" new="FindBoard (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="FindCommonImages (OpenCV StereoCalibrate)" new="FindCommonImages (CV.Transform)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="FrameDelay (OpenCV)" new="FrameDelay (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="FrameDifference (OpenCV)" new="FrameDifference (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Framerate (OpenCV)" new="Framerate (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="GaussianBlur (OpenCV)" new="GaussianBlur (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Grayscale (OpenCV)" new="Grayscale (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Homography (OpenCV Transform)" new="Homography (2d)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ImageLoad (OpenCV)" new="FileImage (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ImageQuad (OpenCV DX11.Layer)" new="GridView (DX11.Layer)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ImageQuad (OpenCV DX9)" new="GridView (DX9)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ImageRegion (OpenCV Features Criteria Position)" new="ImageRegion (CV.Features)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ImageResize (OpenCV)" new="ImageResize (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Images (OpenCV OpenNI)" new="Images (CV.Image OpenNI)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ImageToProjection (OpenCV 2D)" new="ImageToProjection (CV 2D)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Info (OpenCV)" new="Info (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Intrinsics (OpenCV Split)" new="Intrinsics (CV.Transform Split)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ListDevices (OpenCV DirectShow)" new="ListDevices (CV.Image DirectShow)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ListDevices (OpenCV OpenNI)" new="ListDevices (CV.Image OpenNI)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="MapCameraToNormalised (OpenCV 2D)" new="MapCameraToNormalised (CV.Transform)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="MapNormalisedToCamera (OpenCV 2D)" new="MapNormalisedToCamera (CV.Transform)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Marker (DX9, 3D)" new="Marker (DX9 3D)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="MatchFeatures (OpenCV Features)" new="MatchFeatures (CV.Features)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Noise (OpenCV Source)" new="Noise (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Not (OpenCV)" new="NOT (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ObjectTracking (OpenCV)" new="DetectObject (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="OpticalFlowHS (OpenCV)" new="OpticalFlow (CV.Image Horn–Schunck)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="OpticalFlowLK (OpenCV)" new="OpticalFlow (CV.Image Lucas-Kanade)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Payload (OpenCV StructuredLight)" new="Payload (CV.StructuredLight)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Perspective (OpenCV Intrinsics Transform)" new="Perspective (CV.Transform)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Pipet (OpenCV)" new="Pipet (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ProjectPoints (OpenCV Split)" new="ProjectPoints (CV.Transform)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Reader (OpenCV Intrinsics)" new="Reader (CV.Transform Intrinsics)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Renderer (OpenCV)" new="Renderer (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Rotate (OpenCV)" new="Rotate (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="S+H (OpenCV)" new="S+H (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="SelectMinimumArea (OpenCV Contour)" new="SelectMinimumArea (CV.Contour)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Sobel (OpenCV)" new="Sobel (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="SolvePnP (OpenCV)" new="SolvePnP (CV.Transform)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Space (OpenCV StructuredLight)" new="Space (CV.StructuredLight)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="StereoCalibrate (OpenCV)" new="StereoCalibrate (CV.Transform)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Template (OpenCV)" new="Template (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="TimingCircuit (OpenCV StructuredLight)" new="TimingCircuit (CV.StructuredLight)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Transform (OpenCV)" new="Transform (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="UnsharpMask (OpenCV)" new="UnsharpMask (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="VideoIn (OpenCV DirectShow)" new="VideoIn (CV.Image DirectShow)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="VideoIn (OpenCV)" new="VideoIn (CV.Image VfW)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="VideoOut (OpenCV)" new="VideoOut (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="VideoPlayer (OpenCV Source)" new="VideoPlayer (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="WithinRange (OpenCV Filter, Scalar)" new="WithinRange (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Writer (OpenCV Image)" new="Writer (CV.Image)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="Writer (OpenCV Intrinsics)" new="Writer (CV.Transform Intrinsics)"> </NODE>
- <NODE old="ImageLoad (OpenCV FreeImage)" new="FileImage (CV.Image FreeImage)"> </NODE>
- </PATCH>
<PATCH version="45debug31.5">
<NODE old="Mouse (System Window)" new="Mouse (System Window Legacy2)"/>
<NODE old="Mouse (System Global)" new="Mouse (System Global Legacy2)"/>

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