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(ns twitteur.lib.graphql
"Deriving GraphQL components from a Domain Model Representation."
(:require [datascript.core :as dt]))
(defn- attribute-graphql-name
(-> attribute :twitteur.attribute/name name keyword))
(defn- entity-type-graphql-name
(-> entity-type :twitteur.entity-type/name name keyword))
(defn- attribute->graphql-field-schema
(let [attribute-name (attribute-graphql-name attribute)]
{:description (:twitteur.schema/doc attribute)
(if (:twitteur.attribute/ref-typed? attribute)
(let [target-type-name (-> attribute
(if (:twitteur.attribute.ref-typed/many? attribute)
(list 'list target-type-name)
(case (:twitteur.attribute.scalar/type attribute)
:string 'String
:long 'Int
:uuid 'Uuid
;; etc.
(defn- entity-type->graphql-object-schema [entity-type]
(let [graphql-type-name (entity-type-graphql-name entity-type)]
{:description (:twitteur.schema/doc entity-type)
(->> entity-type
(map attribute->graphql-field-schema)
(reduce merge (sorted-map)))}}))
(defn derive-graphql-schema
"Generates a GraphQL schema from a Domain Model Representation.
Given a DataScript database `model-db` (the Domain Model Representation),
returns a data structure as accepted by Lacinia for defining a GraphQL schema."
{:enums {}
:queries {}
(->> model-db
(dt/q '[:find [?entity-type ...] :where
[?entity-type :twitteur.entity-type/name]])
(map (fn [eid]
(let [entity-type (dt/entity model-db eid)]
(entity-type->graphql-object-schema entity-type))))
(reduce merge (sorted-map)))})
;;;; Example (see
(require 'twitteur.ds-model)
(derive-graphql-schema twitteur.ds-model/model-db)
{:enums {},
:queries {},
{:description "a Tweet is a short message posted by a User on Twitteur, published to all her Followers.",
{:description "The Twitteur user who wrote this Tweet.",
:type :User},
{:description "The textual message of this Tweet",
:type String},
{:description "The unique ID of this Tweet",
:type Uuid},
{:description "The time at which this Tweet was published, as a timestamp.",
:type Int}}},
{:description "a User is a person who has signed up to Twitteur.",
{:email {:description "The email address of this user (not visible to other users).",
:type String},
:follows {:description "The Twitteur users whom this user follows.", :type (list :User)},
:id {:description "The unique ID of this user.",
:type Uuid},
:n_followers {:description "How many users follow this user.",
:type Int},
:name {:description "The public name of this user on Twitteur.",
:type String},
:tweets {:description "The tweets posted by this user.",
:type (list :Tweet)}}}}}