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(ns twitteur.utils.model.dml
"A lightweight functional DSL for writing Domain Model transactions.")
(defn- merge-clauses
"Incorporate DSL clauses into the map `m`. A DSL clause may be:
- a String, which will result in a :twitteur.schema/doc property
- a Map, which will be merged into the returned Map."
[m clauses]
(fn [m clause]
(string? clause) (assoc m :twitteur.schema/doc clause)
(map? clause) (merge m clause)
(throw (ex-info "Unidentified DML clause"
{::clause clause}))))
m clauses))
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Entity Type DSL
(defn entity-type
[ent-type-name & clauses]
{:twitteur.entity-type/name ent-type-name}
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Attribute DSL
(defn scalar
[name type & clauses]
{:twitteur.attribute/name name
:twitteur.attribute/ref-typed? false
:twitteur.attribute.scalar/type type}
(defn- ref-attr
[name type many? & clauses]
{:twitteur.attribute/name name
:twitteur.attribute/ref-typed? true
:twitteur.attribute.ref-typed/many? many?
:twitteur.attribute.ref-typed/type {:twitteur.entity-type/name type}}
(defn to-one
[name type & clauses]
(apply ref-attr name type false clauses))
(defn to-many
[name type & clauses]
(apply ref-attr name type true clauses))
(defn unique-id
"Marks this Attribute as uniquely identifying the Entities that have it (via `:twitteur.attribute/unique-identity`)."
{:twitteur.attribute/unique-identity true})
(defn private
"Marks this Attribute as not being publicly visible on Twitteur (via ``)."
{ true})
(defn derived
"Marks this Attribute as being computed from other Attributes (via `:twitteur.attribute/derived?`)."
{:twitteur.attribute/derived? true})