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(ns reagent-plug.core
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go go-loop]]
[reagent-plug.util :refer [spy]]
[reagent-plug.core.macros :refer [plugged-cpnt defplugged]])
(:require [reagent.core :as r :refer [atom]]
[cljs.core.async :as a]
[cljs.core.match :refer-macros [match]]
[cljs.pprint :as pprint]
[ajax.core :as ajx]
(:import goog.History))
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Core Plug API
(defprotocol IPlug
(injected-arg [this])
(setup! [this])
(cleanup! [this]))
(defmulti make-plug ^IPlug (fn [spec arg] (first spec)))
(defn pluggable
"Uses specs (a seq of clauses, which are vectors starting with a keyword) to transform a stateful Reagent component into a 'plugged' component.
The arguments the component will receive are not those passed by the parent component, but 'injected' arguments that have a stateful relationship to them.
See <lang-results-cpnt> below for an example."
[specs cpn]
(fn [& args]
(let [plugs (map (fn [arg spec] (if (nil? spec) nil (make-plug spec arg))) args specs)]
{:display-name "pluggable-wrapper"
(fn [this]
(->> plugs (remove nil?) (map setup!) doall))
(fn [this]
(->> plugs (remove nil?) (map cleanup!) doall))
(fn [& args]
(.log js/console "Rendering again")
(let [new-args (->> (concat plugs (repeat nil))
(map (fn [arg plug]
(if (nil? plug) arg (injected-arg plug))) args)
(into [cpn] new-args)))
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Some implementations
(defrecord Plug [injected setup! cleanup!]
(injected-arg [this] (:injected this))
(setup! [this] ((:setup! this)))
(cleanup! [this] ((:cleanup! this))))
;; the initial argument is a mult; the injected argument is a channel tapped into this mult
(defmethod make-plug ::a/tap [[_ & [chan-factory]] mult]
(let [c (if chan-factory (chan-factory) (a/chan))]
(->Plug c #(a/tap mult c false) #(a/untap mult c))))
;; the initial argument is a channel, the injected argument is a channel piped to the original channel. Use it e.g to bubble up events.
(defmethod make-plug ::a/pipe-up [[_] parent-chan]
(let [local-chan (a/chan)]
(->Plug local-chan #(a/pipe local-chan parent-chan false) #(a/close! local-chan))))
(def ^:private gen-watch-key
(let [next-int (atom 0)]
(fn [] (keyword "reagent-plug.core" (str "watch-key-" (swap! next-int inc))))))
;; the initial argument is an IRef, the injected argument is a core.async channel that receives updates from the IRef
(defmethod make-plug ::a/atom-watch [[_ & [chan-factory]] atm]
(let [c ((or chan-factory a/chan))
key (gen-watch-key)]
(->Plug c
#(add-watch atm key (fn [& args] (a/put! c args)))
#(remove-watch atm key))
;; the initial argument is not used; the injected argument is a channel which will be closed when the component unmounts.
(defmethod make-plug ::a/local-chan [[_ & [chan-factory]] _]
(let [c ((or chan-factory a/chan))]
(->Plug c #(do nil) #(a/close! c))))
;; the initial argument is a ratom; the injected argument is a cursor into some path of this ratom; when the component unmounts, the value at this paths will be cleared.
(defmethod make-plug ::r/cursor [[_ path] ratom]
(let [curs (r/cursor ratom path)]
(->Plug curs #(do nil) #(reset! curs nil))))
;; you could also imagine implementations for EventTargets, bacon.js streams etc.
;; -------------------------
;; EXAMPLE: translating a sentence to different languages
"For an example usage of " pluggable,
"you can go have a look at " <lang-results-cpnt>,
"which is a stateful component that has heavy setup an cleanup phases without any explicit call to React Lifecycle Methods")
"Some code conventions to help readability:"
<name> "is for Reagent Components"
=name= "is for core.async channels"
name-a "is for atoms"
name-c "is for Reagent Cursors"
(defn find-translation "Calls a Web Service to fetch the translation for a sentence" [target-language sentence]
(let [=ret= (a/chan)]
(.log js/console "fetching a translation...")
(ajx/GET ""
{:response-format :json :format :json :keywords? true
:params {:q sentence
:langpair (str "en" "|" target-language)}
:handler #(a/put! =ret= %)
:error-handler #(a/close! =ret=)})
(defn rarefied "Small core async utility, to avoid receiving too many events from a channel.
Returns a channel piped to =in= that will periodically return the last element that went through =in=" [=in= t]
(let [=middle= (a/chan (a/sliding-buffer 1))
=out= (a/chan)]
(go-loop [v (a/<! =middle=)]
(if (some? v)
(a/>! =out= v)
(a/<! (a/timeout t))
(recur (a/<! =middle=)))
(a/close! =out=)))
(a/pipe =in= =middle=)
(def languages [{:id "fr" :name "French"}
{:id "it" :name "Italian"}
{:id "de" :name "Deutsch"}])
(defn <top-cpnt> []
(let [state-a (r/atom {:languages [(first languages)]
:sentence "Hello"})
sentence-c (r/cursor state-a [:sentence])]
(fn []
[:h2 "Translate to several languages"]
[<english-input> sentence-c]
[<available-languages> state-a]
[:h3 "Translations"]
(for [{:keys [id] :as lang} (:languages @state-a)]
^{:key id}
[<lang-results-cpnt> lang state-a sentence-c sentence-c nil]
(defn <english-input> [sentence-c]
[:span "English text: "]
[:input {:type "text" :value @sentence-c :on-change #(reset! sentence-c (-> % .-target .-value))}]])
(defn <available-languages> [state-a]
[:h3 "Available languages"]
(->> languages (remove (set (:languages @state-a)))
(map (fn [{:keys [id name] :as l}]
^{:key id}
[:td name]
[:td [:button.btn.btn-primary {:on-click (fn [_] (swap! state-a update :languages #(conj % l)))}
(defn- start-translate-machine! "Starts a process that manages the state of a <lang-result-cpnt>"
[lang sentence-c =sentence-changes= =c= local-state]
(let [=sentence-changes= (rarefied =sentence-changes= 1000)]
#_ (.log js/console (str "Starting loop for" (:name lang) "..."))
(loop [sentence @sentence-c
=translate-result= (find-translation (:id lang) sentence)]
(match [(a/alts! [=sentence-changes= =c= =translate-result=])]
[[nil =translate-result=]] (.log js/console "Failed to fetch translation")
[[nil _]] nil ;; thanks to pluggable a channel that closes means the component unmounted
[[data =translate-result=]] (do (swap! local-state assoc :translation data :pending false)
(recur sentence (a/chan)))
[[sentence =sentence-changes=]] (recur sentence (a/chan)) ;; déjà vu
[[new-sentence =sentence-changes=]] (do (swap! local-state assoc :translation nil :pending true)
(recur new-sentence (find-translation (:id lang) new-sentence)))
(def <lang-results-cpnt>
[nil nil [::a/atom-watch #(a/chan 1 (map last))] nil [::a/local-chan]] ;; specs
(fn [lang state-a =sentence-changes= sentence-c =c=] ;; here we declare a regular Reagent stateful component (2 nested fns)
;; !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Thanks to " pluggable ":"
* =sentence-changes= " is a core.async channel that receives the updated versions of the " sentence-c "cursor when it changes"
* =c= "is a channel which will be closed when" <lang-results-cpnt> "unmounts"
* lang, state-a "and" sentence-c "are passed unaffected from the parent component.")
;; !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(let [local-state (r/atom {:pending true :translation nil})]
(start-translate-machine! lang sentence-c =sentence-changes= =c= local-state)
(fn []
[:h4 (:name lang)]
(if (:pending @local-state)
[:div "fetching translation..."]
[:div "translation : " (str (get-in @local-state [:translation :responseData :translatedText]))])
[:div [:button.btn.btn-danger {:on-click (fn [_] (swap! state-a update :languages #(remove #{lang} %)))}
;; here is a less noisy version using some macro sugar
(defplugged <lang-results-cpnt-bis>
(=sentence-changes= [::a/atom-watch #(a/chan 1 (map last))])
(=c= [::a/local-chan])]
(let [local-state (r/atom {:pending true :translation nil})]
(start-translate-machine! lang sentence-c =sentence-changes= =c= local-state)
(fn []
[:h4 (:name lang)]
(if (:pending @local-state)
[:div "fetching translation..."]
[:div "translation : " (str (get-in @local-state [:translation :responseData :translatedText]))])
[:div [:button.btn.btn-danger {:on-click (fn [_] (swap! state-a update :languages #(remove #{lang} %)))}
(defn home-page []
[:h1 "Welcome to reagent-plug"]
;; -------------------------
;; Initialize app
(defn mount-root []
(r/render [home-page] (.getElementById js/document "app")))
(defn init! []