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Various documented Git aliases and scripts I have found useful in everyday Git use. Some of the scripts have been written by me, others (like git-wtf) have not.

To install

1) Clone from GitHub

2) Include the my-git-extras/.gitconfig from your ~/.gitconfig, like so:

        name = Your Name
        email =

        path = /opt/my-git-extras/.gitconfig

Alias dependencies

Currently the only external dependency (besides the scripts in this repository) that some aliases refer to are some git whistles (, install with: rvm @global do gem install git-whistles) commands.

Other recommended Git extensions


Adam's git shortcuts and environment



As of writing of this I'm using these aliases and scripts on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 with Git 2.11.0 (from Launchpad PPA, ppa:git-core/ppa). Most will likely work with Git 1.8.0+ or Git 1.7.0+ (include statement was added in Git 1.7.10), as well as on other platforms (OSX, etc..), but I have not tested them outside of Ubuntu, so as always, YMMV.