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WinUAE Help Readme

0. License
1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Errors
4. Used Tools
5. Contact

0. License
All of the content of the helpfile is released under the terms of the GNU
Free Documentation License (FDL). For a copy of the license, refer to the
Credits section in the file.

1. Introduction
Welcome to the official help file for WinUAE! This has been designed to aid 
you in using WinUAE, and is integrated into the main WinUAE program.
This helpfile will give you information on how to get started with WinUAE, a 
description of all the GUI Settings, information about the emulation itself, 
and some additonal information about real Amigas in the Background 
Information section.
Experienced users can find valuable tips for better speed and functionality 
of WinUAE at the Hints For Power Users page.

2. Installation
To make the help file available in WinUAE, simply copy the WinUAE.chm file 
into the directory where you installed WinUAE. This is typically C:\Program 
Files\WinUAE for English Windows installations. Restart WinUAE after you 
copied the file into the directory, and the "Help" button will be available 
in the main program.

3. Errors
Content of the help file is carefully edited by people with years of 
experience with Amigas and WinUAE. We try to provide useful and clean 
information. If you find mistakes or typos in the help file, you are 
encouraged to let one of the authors know, who will then correct it as soon 
as possible.

4. Used Tools
The files in this help were created with HTML-Kit Editor, Dreamweaver, and 
Notepad. The pictures were edited and/or created with Paint Shop Pro, 
Photoshop, Inkscape, and The GIMP. The HTML Help Workshop was used to provide 
a CHM file. The AmigaDOS command list was converted with g2h.

5. Contact
Contact:  Georg Veichtlbauer

Contact:  Peter Hutchison

Contact:  Bernd Roesch