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A whole new version of the Netapp based around Raspberry Pi and Touch Screens. Using KIVY
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Test your networks speed, connectivity, wifi and find what's connected. This project uses KIVY and KIVY KITCHEN code to create a touch screen interface and QR Codes for quick information transfer to mobile devices.

In the initial version, it will test your internet speed using SPEEDTEST-CLI and provide the details on screen, along with a QR-CODE of the shareable results.

It also provides information about the Raspberry-Pi's network connection (Internal IP and External IP), with a QR-CODE to quick copy the information to a mobile device.

Early Example running on a HyperPixel 4.0 Touch An Early example of Netapp-Touch running on a HyperPixel 4.0 Touch Created by Vincent Willcox AKA TalkTech



  • python3
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