Simple & costumizable parallax plugin that creates the effect by animating the element background
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Simple heavily costumizable Parallax plugin that creates the desired effect by animating the element background-position.

By avoiding translated animations, lowers the system requirements to obtain smooth and nice results.


Víctor Ortega:


licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses


Simply create any html tag and give it a background-image.

<div class="elementWithTheBgIWantToMove"></div>

This jquery-parallax plugin needs jquery to function, obvisouly. Said that, to enable the parallax effect just call the parallax method into the jquery object selector. Multiple items matching the selector would get the same effect on each element.



Config values

There are a number of config values that you can setup for any jquery-parallax call.

Name Values Default value Description
TransitionType vertical, horizontal, diagonal vertical The animation type
speed -1 to 1 0.5 Speed of the animation. Using positive or negative values change the animation direction
outerHeight true or false true Wether to get the full height of the element, including padding, or not.

Configuration example

	transitionType: 'horizontal',
	speed: -0.3,
	outerHeight: false,