Multi-player Lubang Menggali (Mancala) game written using Play Framework and WebSockets.
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Lubang Menggali

This web application ships a Lubang Menggali game engine, where multiple users are allowed to play simultaneously in couples.


Real-time game updates are provided via WebSocket connections. Hence, you need to use a web browser that supports WebSockets. The application is written using Play Framework. You need to use Typesafe Activator to run and test the application.

In the directory you download the sources, type

$ activator run

to run the application. In order to run the unit and integration tests, type

$ activator test

in console. Note that the integration tests require a Firefox browser installed on the host machine.


This software is written by Volkan Yazıcı in response to a technical assignment sent by recruiting team.

The Game

Details of the game are presented below.

Board Setup

Each of the two players has his six pits in front of him. To the right of the six pits, each player has a larger pit, his Lubang Menggali. In each of the six round pits are put six stones when the game starts.

Game Play

The player who begins with the first move picks up all the stones in anyone of his own six pits, and sows the stones on to the right, one in each of the following pits, including his own Lubang Menggali. No stones are put in the opponents' Lubang Menggali. If the player's last stone lands in his own Lubang Menggali, he gets another turn. This can be repeated several times before it's the other player's turn.

Capturing Stones

During the game the pits are emptied on both sides. Always when the last stone lands in an own empty pit, the player captures his own stone and all stones in the opposite pit (the other players' pit) and puts them in his own Lubang Menggali.

The Game Ends

The game is over as soon as one of the sides run out of stones. The player who still has stones in his pits keeps them and puts them in his/hers Lubang Menggali. Winner of the game is the player who has the most stones in his Lubang Menggali.