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Privacy brigade
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[ Privacy brigade ]

Privacy Brigade is a campaign to try and educate people of how security online works and what steps can be taken to make their activity more secure and safe, to protect their data and identity. [stay safe](Learn & teach basic security things)

Goal of [Privacy Brigade]

Facilitate and educate individuals to participate in developing addons, web-extentions and webapps to promote the conext of online privacy. The campaign is driven through the design of posters and flyers and presentations, where we get feedback from people about how their online experience has changed after participating in [Privacy Brigade].


If you are interested to contribute to the campaign then have a look at the


Join us at the Mozilla Global Sprint May 10-11, 2018! We'll be gathering in-person at sites around the world and online to collaborate on this project and learn from each other. Get your #mozsprint tickets now!

Global Sprint

Supporting Partners

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