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Lazybones template project

You have just created a simple project for managing your own Lazybones project templates. You get a build file (build.gradle) and a directory for putting your templates in (templates).

To get started, simply create new directories under the templates directory and put the source of the different project templates into them. You can then package and install the templates locally with the command:

./gradlew installAllTemplates

You'll then be able to use Lazybones to create new projects from these templates. If you then want to distribute them, you will need to set up a Bintray account, populate the repositoryUrl, repositoryUsername and repositoryApiKey settings in build.gradle, add new Bintray packages in the repository via the Bintray UI, and finally publish the templates with

./gradlew publishAllTemplates

You can find out more about creating templates on the GitHub wiki.

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