A simple utility that will add block rules for multiple files to the Windows Firewall.
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FWMFW (Firewall Manager for Windows) is a small utility tool to easily block multiple files through the firewall manager
of Windows operating systems. This tool is not a firewall replacement. FWMFW still uses the operating systems firewall
engine to add/remove inbound and outbound connection ruless. FWMFW simply offers an easier way to block multiple files
and folders. The removal of blocked rules can also be done but this is limited within the context of FWMFW.

Please see the blog posting at: http://www.dotslashzero.net/ for background about this application.

Supported Systems:
* Windows 7 and later. The application is developed and tested under Windows 8.1.

As this is just a small utility tool to help easily add block rules for multiple files in one go, this application is
severely limited with the following capabilities:
    * No GUI.
    * All settings are done in a simple text file.
    * Only explicitly blocks a specified program or all programs within a specified folder.
    * Only blocks ".exe" files.
    * Only rules created by the application can be removed from the rule sets.
    * All block rules added applies to all protocols, network profiles, network addresses, ports, users, and machines.

Future demands and needs for features (listed or not) maybe added at a later date.

To build the application, please use CMake to generate the necessary build and configuration scripts. As this
application is designed for Windows only, Visual Studio is the best choice for building.

This project is licensed under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file for details.