A simple C/C++ string library to work with Unicode.
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This project is a simple demonstration to make it easier for everyone to understand how Unicode encoding works. If you
wish to use any parts of the code here for your project, I would recommend that you use the ICU instead:
http://site.icu-project.org/ as it provides industry quality code for all your Unicode encoding requirements.

This project requires CMake. The following describes the simplest way of building the project:

1. Create an out-of-source build directory:
    > mkdir Build

2. Go into the build directory and invoke CMake while telling it where the root source directory is.
    > cd Build
    > cmake /path/to/UniCstring/root/source/directory

3. Run make, make test, and make install
    > make && make test
    > sudo make install

You can configure the build parameters by passing options or other arguments to CMake. Additionally, you can also use
the curses version of CMake (ccmake) or the Qt-based GUI (cmake-gui).

Please see: http://www.cmake.org/ for more information.

The files in this project are licensed under "The MIT License". Please see the file LICENSE for more information.