An exporter for exposing Mirth Connect channel statistics to Prometheus
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Mirth Exporter

Export Mirth Connect channel statistics to Prometheus.

Metrics are retreived using the Mirth Connect CLI. This has only been tested with Mirth Connect 3.3.2, but it should work with any 3.x version.

To run it:

go build
./mirth_exporter [flags]

Exported Metrics

Metric Description Labels
mirth_up Was the last Mirth CLI query successful
mirth_channels_deployed How many channels are deployed
mirth_channels_started How many of the deployed channels are started
mirth_messages_received_total How many messages have been received channel
mirth_messages_filtered_total How many messages have been filtered channel
mirth_messages_queued How many messages are currently queued channel
mirth_messages_sent_total How many messages have been sent channel
mirth_messages_errored_total How many messages have errored channel


./mirth_exporter --help
Flag Description Default
log.level Logging level info
mccli.config-path Path to properties file for Mirth Connect CLI ./
mccli.jar-path Path to jar file for Mirth Connect CLI ./mirth-cli-launcher.jar
web.listen-address Address to listen on for telemetry :9140
web.telemetry-path Path under which to expose metrics /metrics


This exporter is inspired by the consul_exporter and has some common code. Any new code here is Copyright © 2016 Vynca, Inc. See the included LICENSE file for terms and conditions.