VyOS AMI build scripts
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VyOS build-ami

NOTE: There are official VyOS AMIs on the AWS Marketplace: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00JK5UPF6

Build Status


These are ansible playbooks VyOS maintainers use to create the official AMI (Amazon Machine Image, for EC2) that is available from the AWS Marketplace.

Even if you are not a VyOS maintainer, they still may be useful for you if you want to make your own customized AMIs or bring VyOS to regions where it is not available yet.

AMI Features

  • Architecture: x86_64
  • Virtualization type: HVM (Hardware Virtual Machine)
    • Only current generation instances e.g. M3 instances providing better and more consistent performance at lower prices than M1 instances.
  • EBS root volume: 4 GB
  • Enhanced networking (higher packet per second performance, lower latencies and lower network jitter).
    • Only available with C3 and I2 instances.
  • Only SSH passwordless access using SSH key pair.


You will need the following:

  • AWS CLI (AWS Command Line Interface)
    • An AWS account
    • Your AWS access key ID and secret access key
  • Ansible
  • build-ami playbooks


Follow these simple steps if you are missing any of the requirements.

1. Sign up for an AWS account and get your access key ID and secret access key

Sign Up

2. Install AWS CLI

Install the AWS CLI Using the MSI Installer (Windows)

Install the AWS CLI Using the Bundled Installer (Linux, OS X, or Unix)

Install the AWS CLI Using pip (Windows, Linux, OS X, or Unix)

Install the AWS CLI Using the Homebrew package manager on Mac OS X
brew install awscli

3. Test the AWS CLI installation

$ aws help

If the test is successful, you will see the help displayed.

4. Install Ansible

Install Ansible (all platforms)
On Linux, it's usually in the repositories.

Mac OS X using Homebrew
brew install ansible

5. Test the Ansible installation

$ ansible --help

If the test is successful, you will see the help displayed.

6. Get vyos-build-ami playbooks

$ git clone https://github.com/vyos/build-ami.git


1. Configure AWS CLI

You need to configure the AWS CLI with your AWS access key ID and secret access key from step 1 in the installation section above.

$ aws configure
Default region name [None]: SELECT_A_REGION_FROM_THE_LIST_BELOW
Default output format [None]: text

Note: Default output format must be set to text for vyos-build-ami.

You can select a Default region name from the following list:

US East (Northern Virginia) Region    us-east-1
US West (Oregon) Region               us-west-2
US West (Northern California) Region  us-west-1
EU (Ireland) Region                   eu-west-1
Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region       ap-southeast-1
Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region          ap-southeast-2
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region           ap-northeast-1
South America (Sao Paulo) Region      sa-east-1

Note: It doesn't matter which region you choose, but you must set a region.


Run the vyos-build-ami playbooks.

$ cd vyos-build-ami
$ ./vyos-build-ami.sh -e iso=<VyOS ISO URL>


build-ami is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

build-ami playbooks were originally written by hydrajump (https://github.com/hydrajump) and are now maintained by the VyOS team.