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The VyOS community website.

Repository structure

templates/		Page skeletons and chunks of reusable HTML.
templates/main.html	An empty page skeleton.

site/			Site pages.

scripts/		Helper scripts.

soupault.toml		Configuration file for the soupault static site generator.


This repository has two branches: main and production.

The main branch serves as a staging environment where all new changes to first. It's automatically deployed to the domain so that the changes can be viewed live.

The production branch is deployed to the real website.


The fundamental structure of the website is not set in stone yet, so if you want to add a new page or rearrange any directories and pages, ask the maintainers first!

Typo/grammar fixes, fixes for broken links or formatting, and other changes that fix a specific problem are more than welcome!


We encourage you to make sure that the site builds and looks as expected before making a pull request.

Two tools are required for building:

  • soupault static site generator.
  • cmark Markdown processor.
  • SASS compiler, the Dart version.

Note: the C++ sassc will not work! The Dart and the C++ "reference implementations" don't behave the same, and you'll need the Dart one (available from NPM, npm install -g sass). Hopefully we'll rid this site of SASS some day and it will be no longer an issue.

Running make all will build both the site and the CSS, generated files will be in build/. You can then preview the site with any development web server, e.g. python3 -m http.server --directory build/.

snapshot and nightly build pages

If you build the website as described, your /get/snapshots and /get/nightly-builds pages will not actually list any builds. This is normal. Those image lists are generated from an S3 bucket contents by scripts/ and scripts/ Their output is inserted into pages at build time, see [widgets.list-snapshots] and [widgets.list-nightly-builds] sections in soupault.conf for details.

They are disabled by default, limited to the soupault profile live.

You can force soupault to run them by building with soupault --profile live. You'll need an appropriate S3 bucket that mimics our own setup and access credentials for it in your environment. All in all you probably don't want to touch them since they are really specific to our own setup. This section is here mostly for completeness.