Shared library for VyOS config files parsing and manipulation
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dmbaturin Add support for passing error messages to outside world.
It's done through a global reference, but since the parser is already
not reentrant due to the lexer hack, the issue is moot.
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This library mixes the multiway tree manipulation libraries from [vyconf](
with a parser and a formatter for VyOS 1.x config format, and is meant to be used in config migration scripts
and analysis/conversion tools.

It is not really properly packaged now and has undeclared build dependencies on VyConf (obviously) and also
assumed that OCaml installation is per-user (through opam) rather than system-wide.

The main purpose is to provide bindings for Python, so using this library directly from C is strongly
discourages: not just the interface is not guaranteed to be stable, it's written to be a bridge between
two high level languages so it would be very inconvenient to use from C.