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A C++/OpenGL/SDL sorting algorithm visualizer
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An extendable sorting algorithm visualization

Live Browser Version


  • Sorting algorithms (so far):

    • Selectionsort
    • Bubblesort
    • Quicksort
  • Visual Styles (so far):

    • Variety Loop
    • Variety Dots

How to build (Linux)

You will need make, gcc/g++, sdl, freetype2, glm and opengl installed.

Build: make build (you will find the executable in out/sortviz) Run: make run Delete build files: make clean

Built executable can be found in out/sortviz or run directly via make run.

How to build (Web / Emscripten)

You will need make, emscripten/emcc and glm installed. You may have to copy your system headers for glm into <emscripten>/system/include.

make embuild will generate a html page with other files in out/web/. You have to start a web server like nodejs' http-server in that directory in order to run it.

How to use

The initial configuration is Selection Sort with Variety Loop and constant delay.

To change the parameters, use

  • Left/Right to cycle through sorting algorithms
  • Up/Down to cycle through visual styles
  • Q/E to decrease/increase data size

Other keys:

  • Space: Shuffle
  • P: Pause
  • Escape: Quit program

On the delays

Smaller data sizes a constant per-cycle delay is added, which roughly add up to 10 seconds per full sort. If the number of required cycles exceeds the data size, no delay is added. With added delay every cycle takes constant time so no exponential speeedup can be observed. This is not the case without delay.

How to extend and contribute

You are welcome to submit extensions like new sorting algorithms or display styles.

To add a new sorting algorithm

  1. Define your sort as a Sort subclass in include/sorts.hpp
  2. Register your sort in sorts.hpp > Sorts::Sorts and Sorts::names, and in src/sorts.cpp > Sorts::create (add a CASE(<name>))
  3. Implement step and _reset in your src/sorts/<sortname>.cpp

You should now be able to use the new sorting algorithm in the program!

To add a new visual style

  1. Register your style in src/viz.cpp
    • register enum Viz::Styles
    • define it in Viz::styles (Style{ "<vertexShaderName>, <fragmentShaderName>, <method for glDrawArrays>" })
    • set display name in Viz::styleNames
    • Do not forget to update the array sizes for styles and styleNames!
  2. If you do not want to reuse shaders, create new shaders in shaders/

You should now be able to use the new style in the program!

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