This is two plugin for Firefox and Chrome used to notify viewers and fans when your channel turns live.
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Twitch Youtube Browser Notifications Plugin

This project is composed of two plugins templates. One for Firefox and the Other for Chrome. Feel free to copy the code and change it to use it on your own Youtube and Twitch channel


  • Put a beautiful icon of your choice in the navbar of the browser.
  • When you are not live clicking on the icon redirects you to your Youtube Channel
  • When turning live, cast a native notification with information about your current live stream title and game.
  • Change the icon when you are live streaming and clicking on it redirects you to the Twitch channel.

Configure your own version

Preparing your version of the plugins

  • Inside firefox-addon and chrome-plugin folders rename the config.exemple.js file to config.js
  • Edit the new config.js file.
  • To get your Twitch API key go to Twitch Dev, create an account then create an app. Copy your public key then put it in config.js
  • You then need to change the name, version, description and email inside the two manifest.json files.
  • Then replace images and icons inside the icons and images folders.
  • Zip both chrome-plugin and firefox-addon folders.

Publishing your plugins

What after

Need help

I can do the setup for you for a little price. Contact me


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


  • Valentin RONTEIX - Initial idea and main contributor - VyrtualSynthese
  • Diu - Local Storage and Badges - diuNguyen
  • Yihohu - Soft Cap logic, code review, manifest editing - yihohu
  • Ioni - Refactor and code logic optimization - Ioni14

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


  • This was an original idea for my twitch channel
  • This was stared during the Firefox extension hackaton in Paris Mozila.

Road Map

  • Use of Youtube Api to make notification on new video published and badges to show how many video to watch.