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// Copyright 2019, Vy-Shane Xie
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
// Scenarios for end to end tests.
syntax = "proto3";
service UnaryScenarios {
rpc UnaryOk (EchoRequest) returns (EchoResponse);
rpc UnaryFailedPrecondition (EchoRequest) returns (Empty);
rpc UnaryNoResponse (EchoRequest) returns (Empty);
service ClientStreamingScenarios {
rpc ClientStreamOk (stream EchoRequest) returns (EchoResponse);
rpc ClientStreamFailedPrecondition (stream EchoRequest) returns (Empty);
rpc ClientStreamNoResponse (stream EchoRequest) returns (Empty);
service ServerStreamingScenarios {
rpc ServerStreamOk (EchoRequest) returns (stream EchoResponse);
rpc ServerStreamFailedPrecondition (EchoRequest) returns (stream Empty);
rpc ServerStreamNoResponse (EchoRequest) returns (stream Empty);
service BidirectionalStreamingScenarios {
rpc BidirectionalStreamOk (stream EchoRequest) returns (stream EchoResponse);
rpc BidirectionalStreamFailedPrecondition (stream EchoRequest) returns (stream Empty);
rpc BidirectionalStreamNoResponse (stream EchoRequest) returns (stream Empty);
message EchoRequest {
string message = 1;
message EchoResponse {
string message = 1;
message Empty {}
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