Telegram CLI Arguments

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The Telegram CLI-client offers various arguments to be passed at execution. This is basically a list that can be retrieved by executing telegram-cli -h.

Available arguments

The following arguments are available:

--phone/-u                           specify username (would not be asked during authorization)
--rsa-key/-k                         specify location of public key (possible multiple entries)
--verbosity/-v                       increase verbosity (0-ERROR 1-WARNIN 2-NOTICE 3+-DEBUG-levels)
--enable-msg-id/-N                   message num mode
--config/-c                          config file name
--profile/-p                         use specified profile
--log-level/-l                       log level
--sync-from-start/-f                 during authorization fetch all messages since registration
--disable-auto-accept/-E             disable auto accept of encrypted chats
--lua-script/-s                      lua script file
--wait-dialog-list/-W                send dialog_list query and wait for answer before reading input
--disable-colors/-C                  disable color output
--disable-readline/-R                disable readline
--daemonize/-d                       daemon mode
--logname/-L <log-name>              log file name
--username/-U <user-name>            change uid after start
--groupname/-G <group-name>          change gid after start
--disable-output/-D                  disable output
--tcp-port/-P <port>                 port to listen for input commands
--udp-socket/-S <socket-name>        unix socket to create
--exec/-e <commands>                 make commands end exit
--disable-names/-I                   use user and chat IDs in updates instead of names
--enable-ipv6/-6                     use ipv6 (may be unstable)
--help/-h                            prints this help
--accept-any-tcp                     accepts tcp connections from any src (only loopback by default)
--disable-link-preview               disables server-side previews to links
--bot/-b                             bot mode
--json                               prints answers and values in json format
--python-script/-Z <script-name>     python script file
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