Install script for Ruby on Rails (RVM, Apache2, Passenger) on Debian Lenny
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Rails Ready for Debian Lenny

Get a full Ruby on Rails stack up very fast on Debian Lenny

UPDATE: it also works for Debian 6.0x Squeeze

This project is inspired by by Joshua Frye which refers to Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS. Check it out!

Run this on a fresh Debian Lenny install.

To run

  • wget --no-check-certificate && bash
  • If you want to watch the install log run tail -f ~/rails_install.log in a next shell (ALT+ for non-gui)

What this gives you?

In order of being installed:

  • an updated system with necessary packages
  • SQLite3 from lenny-backports
  • imagemagick
  • git-core
  • RVM
  • Ruby 1.9.2-p136 on RVM
  • Configure Ruby for Debian
  • Bundler, Passenger, and Rails gems
  • Apache + Phusion Passenger slightly configured

What you should do by yourself?

  • Create new rails appliaction
  • Configure Apache virtual host that points to it
  • Browse the app :)

Please note: If you are running on a super slow connection your sudo session may timeout and you'll have to enter your password again.

I use this to setup VMs. For any suggestions: