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No need for sudo prefix since script is run as normal user.

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1 parent e5ec94d commit 33128c633a9e0cea4693454c20cffe81debe6697 @joshfng joshfng committed Jan 30, 2011
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@@ -92,12 +92,12 @@ cd && mkdir -p railsready/src && cd railsready && touch install.log
echo "==> done..."
echo -e "\n=> Ensuring there is a .bashrc and .bash_profile..."
-sudo touch $HOME/.bashrc && sudo touch $HOME/.bash_profile
+touch $HOME/.bashrc && touch $HOME/.bash_profile
echo "==> done..."
echo -e "\n=> Downloading and running recipe for $distro...\n"
#Download the distro specific recipe and run it, passing along all the variables as args
-sudo wget --no-check-certificate -O $railsready_path/src/$$ && cd $railsready_path/src && bash $ $ruby_version $ruby_version_string $ruby_source_url $ruby_source_tar_name $ruby_source_dir_name $whichRuby $railsready_path $log_file
+wget --no-check-certificate -O $railsready_path/src/$$ && cd $railsready_path/src && bash $ $ruby_version $ruby_version_string $ruby_source_url $ruby_source_tar_name $ruby_source_dir_name $whichRuby $railsready_path $log_file
echo -e "\n==> done running $distro specific commands..."
#now that all the distro specific packages are installed lets get Ruby
4 recipes/
@@ -19,10 +19,6 @@ script_runner=$(whoami)
#echo "vars set: $ruby_version $ruby_version_string $ruby_source_url $ruby_source_tar_name $ruby_source_dir_name $whichRuby $railsready_path $log_file"

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