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Cousins tab module for webtrees
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vytux_cousins Readme

Released: November 2013


After the decision of the original author of the simpl_cousins author to not support webtrees version 1.5 I have ported some of these modules to this version of webtrees.

This module creates an additional tab in Individual view which list all of the first cousins of that person.


The readme contains the following main sections:


This module requires webtrees version 1.5.2 or later.


This section documents installation instructions for vytux_cousins.

  1. Unzip the files and upload them to the webtrees /modules_vX/ folder on your web server. (Note: "X" = "3" for webtrees versions 1.5 up to 2.0. webtrees 2.0 will be "4" at the time of writing this, but may change in future releases)
  2. Login to webtrees as administrator, go to Administration --> Modules, and find the module. It will be called "Cousins". Check it has a tick for "Enabled"
  3. Next go to the "Tabs" menu. Set the access level and position for the menu item to suit your preference. It will probably have defaulted to "Show only to managers".
  4. Finally click SAVE, to complete the installation.


To update simply replace the vytux_cousins files with the new ones from the latest download.

Contact Support

You can contact our support staff by one of the following:

Email: for vytux addon support please contact me via webtrees [at]

Forum: general webtrees support can be found at the webtrees forum


© 2013 Vytautas Krivickas and

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