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Gerbil Package Directory

This is a list of known Gerbil packages; to add your package to the list, just edit and open a PR!

Package Description Gumbo parser bindings For the Web! A gerbil package that implements "The Long, Painful History of Time" A simple way of interacting with MIDI events and files. Make the # char work for all REPLs Swank server for r7rs Schemes Gerbil Clan: Community curated Collection of Common Utilities SRFI-54 Confluence cli Datadog package jira client Cloudtrail parser Mpx8 CLI tools Slack Package Tool for generating exported Gerbil names Hash table match macro and constructor IO environments List utilities Thunk NYC Corp. sugar for Gerbil Gerbil back-end for Emacs integration AWS client libraries Cairo bindings libp2p bindings A simple network visualizer for pubsub message propagation A pubsub protocol and its simulator