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;;; -*- Gerbil -*-
;;; (C) vyzo at
;;; SOCKS4 proxy
(import :gerbil/gambit/threads
(export main)
(def (run address)
(let* ((sa (socket-address address))
(ssock (ssocket-listen sa)))
(while #t
(let (cli (ssocket-accept ssock sa))
(debug "Accepted connection from ~a" (socket-address->string sa))
(spawn proxy cli))
(catch (e)
(log-error "Error accepting connection" e))))))
(def (proxy clisock)
(let (srvsock (proxy-handshake clisock))
(spawn proxy-io clisock srvsock)
(spawn proxy-io srvsock clisock))
(catch (e)
(log-error "Error creating proxy" e))))
;;; SOCKS4
;; Request:
;; +----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+....+----+
;; +----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+....+----+
;; VN = 4
;; 2 BIND
;; Reply:
;; +----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+
;; | VN | CD | DSTPORT | DSTIP |
;; +----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+
;; VN = 0
;; CD:
;; 90: request granted
;; 91: request rejected or failed
;; 92: request rejected becasue SOCKS server cannot connect to
;; identd on the client
;; 93: request rejected because the client program and identd
;; report different user-ids.
(def (proxy-handshake clisock)
(let* ((hdr (make-u8vector 1024))
(rd (ssocket-recv clisock hdr)))
(if (fx< rd 9) ; header + NUL userid terminator
(error "Incomplete request" hdr)
(let* ((vn (u8vector-ref hdr 0))
(cd (u8vector-ref hdr 1))
(dstport (fxior (fxshift (u8vector-ref hdr 2) 8)
(u8vector-ref hdr 3)))
(dstip (subu8vector hdr 4 8)))
(if (fx= vn 4)
(case cd
((1) ; CONNECT
(proxy-connect clisock (cons dstip dstport)))
((2) ; BIND
(proxy-bind clisock))
(proxy-handshake-reject clisock (cons dstip dstport))
(error "Uknown command" cd)))
(proxy-handshake-reject clisock (cons dstip dstport))
(error "Uknown protocol version" vn))))))
(catch (e)
(ssocket-close clisock)
(raise e))))
(def (proxy-connect clisock addr)
(let (srvsock (ssocket-connect addr))
(proxy-handshake-accept clisock addr)
(catch (e)
(ssocket-close srvsock)
(raise e)))))
(def (proxy-bind clisock)
(let* ((srvsock (ssocket-listen ":0"))
(srvaddr (socket-address->address
(ssocket-socket srvsock)
(proxy-handshake-accept clisock srvaddr)
(let* ((newcli
(ssocket-accept srvsock)
(catch (e)
(proxy-handshake-reject clisock srvaddr)
(raise e))))
(ssocket-socket newcli)
(proxy-handshake-accept clisock newcliaddr)
(catch (e)
(ssocket-close newcli)
(raise e))))
(ssocket-close srvsock)))))
(def (proxy-handshake-accept clisock addr)
(proxy-handshake-reply 90 clisock addr))
(def (proxy-handshake-reject clisock addr)
(proxy-handshake-reply 91 clisock addr))
(def (proxy-handshake-reply code clisock addr)
(let (resp (make-u8vector 8))
(u8vector-set! resp 0 0)
(u8vector-set! resp 1 code)
(with ([ip . port] addr)
(u8vector-set! resp 2 (fxand (fxshift port -8) #xff))
(u8vector-set! resp 3 (fxand port #xff))
(subu8vector-move! ip 0 4 resp 4))
(ssocket-send-all clisock resp)))
(def (proxy-io isock osock)
(def buf (make-u8vector 4096))
(let lp ()
(let (rd (ssocket-recv isock buf))
((fxzero? rd)
(ssocket-close-input isock)
(ssocket-close-output osock #t))
(ssocket-send-all osock buf 0 rd)
(catch (e)
(log-error "Error proxying connection" e)
(ssocket-close-input isock)
(ssocket-close-output osock #t))))
(def (main . args)
(def gopt
(getopt (argument 'address help: "local address to bind")))
(let (opt (getopt-parse gopt args))
(run (hash-get opt 'address)))
(catch (getopt-error? exn)
(getopt-display-help exn "tcp-proxy" (current-error-port))
(exit 1))))