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Feb 9, 2019
Start development for version v0.16-DEV

@vyzo vyzo released this Feb 9, 2019 · 95 commits to master since this release

This is a patch release, addressing incompatibilities between Gerbil v0.15 and Gambit v4.9.3

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@vyzo vyzo released this Jan 25, 2019 · 112 commits to master since this release

The highlight of this release is full support for R7RS Red edition and
many new libraries, improvements and bug fixes.

In addition:

  • For MacOS users: Gerbil is in homebrew now!
  • We have launched the gerbil package directory.
  • The Gerbil Treadmill is a new emacs mode by edw.
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Nov 19, 2018
Start development for version v0.15-DEV

@vyzo vyzo released this Nov 19, 2018 · 373 commits to master since this release

The main new feature of this release is Protobuf support in the standard library.
See for documentation.

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Sep 6, 2018
Start development for version v0.14-DEV

@vyzo vyzo released this Sep 6, 2018 · 460 commits to master since this release

Release highlights:

  • New documentation structure, with documentation rendered online at
  • The compiler has been greatly improved, with a new match/syntax-case optimizer
    and full program optimization for static executables. It also performs arity checking for all
    direct calls to known procedures.
  • The expander has been tuned for performance, resulting in 2x gxi load time reduction.
  • R7RS coverage has been greatly improved, fixing most modified R5RS procedures to
    comply to the new specification.
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Feb 27, 2018
Start development for version v0.13-DEV

@vyzo vyzo released this Feb 27, 2018 · 1110 commits to master since this release

This is a big release, with over 1500 commits, which brings many new features, libraries and fixes.
It requires Gambit v4.8.9.

Release highlights:

  • gxpkg: the Gerbil package manager has arrived, and with it gerbil.pkg for implicit package declarations.
  • gxtags: emacs TAGS for Gerbil sources.
  • gxprof: the gerbil profiler
  • there is an fast embedded http server in the stdlib.
  • there is a pure Gerbil PostgreSQL driver and the MySQL driver is now threaded.
  • the generics library has been rewritten to do type-based dispatch with a polymorphic cache.
  • the actor RPC subsystem has been rewritten for greatly improved performance and syncing for streams.
  • there is a extensive support for programming with raw devices and sockets.
  • there is a network repl.
  • std/misc has been populated with a zoo of utility libraries.

For the full details refer to the ChangeLog

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Jun 5, 2017
runtime: bump version to v0.12-DEV
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