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Build Status

Emacs org-mode publishing backend for exporting org files to Dokuwiki and Creole wiki formats.

It is a derived backend and uses ox-html as a base so anything which is not yet covered by this backend will be exported as a html code.

It hasn't been much tested as yet so any feedback, suggestions, requests are welcome.


  • Emacs 24

  • Org mode 8.3

Supported features

As this is really a first rough version supported elements are limited to the basic ones, used at least by me most of the time. See test/test.org for the features.

Org elements

  • headings

  • bold, italics and so on

  • links (including inline images)

  • plain lists (ordered, unordered)

  • nested lists

  • tables (headers only in columns so far)

  • example and src blocks

  • verbatim


Copy the file to wherever your Emacs lisp code resides, typically ~/.emacs.d/site-lisp/ and add this to your .emacs file possibly close to your org-mode settings.

(require 'ox-wk)

Optional configurations

Set wiki syntax style, default is Dokuwiki so to set it to Creole add the line below to you .Emacs file.

(setq org-wk-style 'creole)

Set Dokuwiki preference for org = and ~ markup. It can be exported either as verbatim or as fixed width block. I haven't figured out yet how to distinguish these 2 so it is optional. Set it to 'monospace or 'verbatim.

(setq org-wk-dokuwiki-verbatim 'monospace) ;; use monospace markup
(setq org-wk-dokuwiki-verbatim 'verbatim) ;; use nowiki markup


It's just one file but to make sure everything works there is a simple CI test in place using travis-ci.org see Makefile for more details.


This backend is heavily inspired by others like ox-md, ox-latex, ox-html or ox-confluence as well as by other parts of almighty org-mode.