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Health Check – pimcore:monitor:health-check

This command runs a complete health check of the system. It executes every registered health check and prints its results in the console.

Example output:

Starting diagnostics:


2 failures, 1 warnings, 10 successful tests.                                    

Failure: App Environment
Application is not running in production mode

Warning: HTTPS Connection
HTTPS encryption could not be checked

Failure: Pimcore Maintenance
Pimcore maintenance is not activated

Health Report – pimcore:monitor:health-report

This command collects the current health status and sends it to the defined API endpoint. Behind the scenes it is sending the data using a PUT request with a Bearer token header for authorization. Make sure to adapt your API endpoint to the specifics of this call.


Name Shortcut Mode Description
endpoint VALUE_REQUIRED Overwrite the default endpoint to send the report data to.
exclude ex VALUE_OPTIONAL VALUE_IS_ARRAY List any task alias that you want to exclude from execution.
include in VALUE_OPTIONAL VALUE_IS_ARRAY List any task alias that you want to execute.