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A Proof-of-concept LINSTOR GUI
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A simple proof-of-concept SDS GUI

LINSTOR View Animation

This is a barebones proof-of-concept for controlling LINSTOR software-defined-storage in a graphical manner.

The UI is provided by REMI and the LINSTOR is controlled by the LINSTOR Python API. LINSTOR View uses only the PYTHON implementation and usage of the API while the latest version offers REST API as well.



You will need to install and provision a LINSTOR cluster and backing storage first. You can follow the first few steps in this guide to setup LINSTOR a controller and a satellite (both could be on the same host with --node-type=Combined option). Follow the instructions in the 'Initial requirements' section. LINSTOR distribution will also include the python API library for LINSTOR. The complete user guide is available here.

Install REMI

To install REMI, follow the instructions here or it is as pip install remi on the computer where LINSTOR controller is running.

Install LINSTOR View

Clone this repository onto the computer where LINSTOR controller as well. Edit the top sections in '' containing some of the defaults. If you followed the steps from the blog post mentioned above, change DEFAULT_VOL_GROUP line to DEFAULT_VOL_GROUP = 'drbdpool'

Starting up

Once all the setup is done, you can start the GUI by running python from the LINSTOR View folder. Then point your browser to port 8008 of the LINSTOR controller. Some of the working features include listing, creating, and deleting LINSTOR resources from the main option.

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