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MacForge is an open-source plugin manager for macOS. It lets you discover, install and manage plugins to improve the user experience of macOS without the need for manually cloning/building or copying files.




  • Download the latest release not yet available
  • Unzip the download if your browser does not do so automatically
  • Open MacForge
  • MacForge will ask to be moved to /Applications
  • MacForge may ask to install or update helper tools
  • Start installing and using plugins

Functionallity notes

  • Loading plugins into system applications requires that System Integrity Protection is disabled
  • Loading plugins into some applications may require Apple Mobile File Integrity to be disabled
  • Loading plugins into some applications may require the plugin must be signed and in the /Library directory


  • MacForge supports macOS 10.10 and above
  • plugins distributed through MacForge may have different application and system requirements


  • Discover

    • See what are the best current plugins
    • Discover, download and update plugins
  • Changes

    • Browse all existing plugins
    • Search for plugins (by name or ID)
    • Search individual repositories
    • Add or remove repositories
    • It's easy to host your own repository on GitHub
  • Manage

    • Delete plugins (Trash can)
    • Show plugins in Finder (Eye icon)
    • Enable/Disable plugins (Check box)
    • Toggle plugins between single user and all users (User icon)
    • Search for plugins (by name or ID)
    • MacForge automatically detect existing plugins located in
  • Install plugins simply

    • Drag and drop plugins onto MacForge to automatically install them
    • MacForge can open files with the .bundle extension to automatically install them
  • Stay up to date

    • Show plugin updates in the updates tab
    • Option to automatically keep plugins up to date
    • Updates are shown as a badge on the MacUpdate icon
  • Stay safe

    • Blacklist applications to avoid issues
  • And much more...

Creating a plugin

  • Download and install MacForge
  • Open MacForge
  • Open Xcode and navigate File > New > Project...
  • Search for MacForge Plugin
  • Select it and press Next
  • Enter a Product Name and target bundle id e.g. com.apple.loginwindow and press Next
  • Select a location for your project and press Create
  • Add your code
  • You can find header dumps of most Apple Applications HERE
  • Build your code
  • Open your plugin with MacForge

Submitting a plugin


  • Having problems? Submit an issue here: submit


  • Trashing MacForge will stop it from loading into applications
  • If you want a mostly full clean select Preferences from the sidebar, then click Uninstall MacForge. Log out and back in for changes to fully apply.