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make date in ls less bright

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commit 1c7151293dfd29deb5af85588a30acf2cd33cddf 1 parent 4ea5c79
@w0ng authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  zshrc
2  zshrc
@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ RPROMPT='%{$fg[black]%}[%{$fg[red]%}%?%{$fg[black]%}]%{$reset_color%}'
SPROMPT="Correct $fg[red]%R$reset_color to $fg[green]%r?$reset_color (Yes, No, Abort, Edit) "
# aliases
-alias ls="ls -hFG --color=always --group-directories-first --time-style=+'$fg[white]%d-%m-%y %H:%M$reset_color'"
+alias ls="ls -hFG --color=always --group-directories-first --time-style=+'$fg_bold[blue]%d-%m-%y %H:%M$reset_color'"
alias grep="grep --color=auto"
alias tm="tmux attach-session -d -t 0"
alias usbmount="sudo mount -o gid=users,fmask=113,dmask=002 /dev/sdd /mnt/usb"
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