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base fork: w0rldart/CodeIgniter
head fork: w0rldart/CodeIgniter
Commits on Nov 19, 2012
@philsturgeon philsturgeon PDO was not escaping strings for SET as array a00f90c
@narfbg narfbg Add db_set_charset() support for the mssql driver 4173fa0
@sourcejedi sourcejedi Documentation: fix typos in name of application folder
The name is "application/", not "applications/".

(This commit does not change managing_apps.rst,
 where "applications/" is used intentionally).
@narfbg narfbg Merge pull request #2007 from sourcejedi/doc-typo-applications
Documentation: fix typos in name of application folder
@TedThiCo TedThiCo Update system/database/drivers/sqlsrv/sqlsrv_driver.php
Connection error if database name contains space-characters. 
Use of MSSQL brackets => 
'USE [Database Name]' 
instead of 
'USE Database Name'
@narfbg narfbg DB forge to use single quotes for ENUM/SET string delimiters 356d4f4
@TedThiCo TedThiCo Update system/database/drivers/sqlsrv/sqlsrv_driver.php d0822ce
Commits on Nov 20, 2012
@narfbg narfbg Merge pull request #2009 from Eco91/patch-2
SQLSRV - Connection error if database name contains space-characters
@narfbg narfbg Fix #18 a2b0677
@narfbg narfbg Fix CI_Input::get() and CI_Input::post() not returning array when a k…
…ey is not specified
@narfbg narfbg Update tests following 77bd21b 87c7813
@narfbg narfbg Fix an E_NOTICE d337a26
@narfbg narfbg Fix issue #2015 3a5efc2
@narfbg narfbg Fix #1996 342bb7e
Commits on Nov 21, 2012
@narfbg narfbg Change fs permissions and add some missing index.html files (#2017) 2eaeee5
Commits on Nov 22, 2012
@narfbg narfbg Fix modify_column() issues (#2020) 7ade8b7
@narfbg narfbg Manually apply a fix submitted via PR #2012, #2016 2b24139
@narfbg narfbg [ci skip] Fix a typo in the styleguide 93f5c5d
@narfbg narfbg Added support for stream-like downloads of existing files to force_do…

Based on code/ideas from PR #365, #1254
@narfbg narfbg Fix issue #118 (manually implementing PR #1832) ce0c956
Commits on Nov 23, 2012
@ivantcholakov ivantcholakov 3.0.0-dev: Fixing the issue #2023.
CI_Cart initialization: Session data presense should be tested against NULL, not FALSE.
@narfbg narfbg Merge pull request #2024 from ivantcholakov/develop
3.0.0-dev: Fixing the issue #2023.
@narfbg narfbg Fix #113 2d48b4f
@narfbg narfbg [ci skip] Remove a lone semicolon (rel 2d48b4f) 44c3463
@vkeranov vkeranov Minor changes to Xmlrpc.php b497d2b
@vkeranov vkeranov Minor changes to Xmlrpcs.php 52de379
@narfbg narfbg Merge pull request #2025 from vkeranov/develop
Some minor changes to Xmlrpc.php and Xmlrpcs.php
Commits on Nov 24, 2012
@johnathancroom johnathancroom keep_flashdata accepts array 4beca5c
@tocaibiza tocaibiza Bug fix - optimize_table() in DB utility class 34cadee
@narfbg narfbg Merge pull request #2028 from tocaibiza/develop
Bug fix - optimize_table() in DB utility class
@johnathancroom johnathancroom Requested changed to keep_flashdata 9d9849b
Commits on Nov 25, 2012
@dchill42 dchill42 Added support for extending individual driver classes and driver unit…
… tests

Signed-off-by: dchill42 <>
@dchill42 dchill42 Replaced Mock_Core_Lang with PHPUnit mockups
Signed-off-by: dchill42 <>
@narfbg narfbg Merge pull request #2030 from dchill42/unit_tests
Replaced Mock_Core_Lang with PHPUnit mockups
@narfbg narfbg Merge pull request #2029 from dchill42/driver_ext
Added driver extension support
@narfbg narfbg Revert some of the changes from PR #2029
We have file naming conventions and any extension filename needs to match MY_<orig_filename>,
so we don't need to check for lowercase equivalents.
@narfbg narfbg MySQLi tests 79980e4
@narfbg narfbg create database for mysqli tests b8c4e48
@narfbg narfbg Fix #2027 3545102
@johnathancroom johnathancroom Improved array keey_flashdata + Changelog 8d8543d
@johnathancroom johnathancroom Changelog change 3892995
@narfbg narfbg Merge pull request #2026 from johnathancroom/keep_flash_data_array
keep_flashdata accepts array
Commits on Nov 26, 2012
@narfbg narfbg Manually implement PR #2033
Check for an empty encryption_key shouldn't use strict comparison.
@narfbg narfbg Switch CI_Form_validation:: to public
Makes it easier to access the data after validation (issue #1208)
@narfbg narfbg CI_Email::print_debugger() option to limit the type of data to be pri…

(an alternative to PR #1759; partially solves issue #1742)
@narfbg narfbg Add 'valid_url' rule to Form Validation (issue #1966) daaca88
@narfbg narfbg Implement cascade-style loading of language files
(as requested in issue #452)
@narfbg narfbg Language helper lang() to accept optional HTML attributes
(an improved version of PR #1235)
@narfbg narfbg Update Language helper test case feb1e05
@narfbg narfbg Fix some erroneous variable names (sorry) 719b60f
Commits on Nov 27, 2012
@williamknauss williamknauss Children Drivers
This allows developers to create children drivers that are not prefix
with "CI_". This is a nity grity change, however it keeps with the
mindset that class names that start with CI_ are typically overrides of
core classes.
Commits on Nov 28, 2012
@williamknauss williamknauss Remove Comment
As requested removed useless comment
@narfbg narfbg Merge pull request #2036 from williamknauss/develop
Children Drivers
@narfbg narfbg Fix #2037 e1d6c46
Commits on Nov 29, 2012
@narfbg narfbg Added CI_Output::get_header()
(an improved version of PR #645)

Also fixed get_content_type() to only return the MIME value and created
Output library unit tests for both of these methods.
@narfbg narfbg Fix #2041 4173823
Commits on Nov 30, 2012
@narfbg narfbg Add CI_Output::delete_cache()
(an improved version of PR #609)
@johnathancroom johnathancroom keep_flashdata array test 66b36ef
@narfbg narfbg Merge pull request #2043 from johnathancroom/keep_flash_data_array
Test for keep_flashdata accepting an array
Commits on Dec 03, 2012
@vlakoff vlakoff config->site_url() optimizations
- direct access to config array, instead of item() calls
- the string cast is just in case 'url_suffix' would be set to false or null; the function produces the same results without this cast, but it leads to a robuster code, as false and null are sanitized and skip the suffix insertion code
- altered conditional structure: if no suffix, skip the appending of an empty string to $uri
@vlakoff vlakoff config->site_url(): remove useless cast
thanks to narfbg
@narfbg narfbg Merge pull request #2048 from vlakoff/develop
config->site_url() optimizations
@narfbg narfbg [ci skip] Cleaned some spaces 838a9d6
@narfbg narfbg Improve schema support for Postgre 0259d12
@narfbg narfbg Add min_width and min_height options to the Upload class
(manually implementing outdated PR #636)
@narfbg narfbg Fix postgre db_connect() c07c485