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Looking for Maintainer

While this project is still up and running on we are no longer maintaining this project. We are looking for someone who wants to take over the development and bugfixing

See discussion in #287

Calendar for Trello

Trello is a productivity tool that helps you to organize projects by creating individual lists, boards and cards. Manage your projects in teams, get more flexible and improve your workflow.

Our Calendar for Trello allows you to organize all cards of all boards in one calendar. Calendar for Trello is open source and free to use.

Visit our (free) hosted version at


  1. TypeScript
  2. Angular (2)
  3. Material Design
  4. Redux
  5. Angular CLI


The local dev server runs on http://localhost:4200

npm install
npm run start

Please replace the API key if you want to host the calendar on your own. You can find it in src/config.json. Get your own Trello API Key at:

adding a new language

  1. add an entry to the package.json similar to what the production builds for other languages looks like
  2. add the language to the npm run extract-i18n command
  3. run the npm run extract-i18n command
  4. a new file in src/locale is created.
  5. translate this file using any translation tool or editor like
  6. create a Pull Request and we'll integrate the language

Privacy Information

All accrued data is only stored on your own computer. The communication with Trello API is encrypted via https.

W11K GmbH

Calendar-for-Trello is handcrafted software made in Esslingen, Germany. Visit us!