Idiomatic and simple Scala implementation of the famous Game of Life.
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This repository contains the example for the Scala tutorial published in the second issue of the JAXmag. The example is an idiomatic and simple implementation of the fantastic Game of Life. If you haven’t heard about this interesting biological simulation, you really should take a look.

Currently our Game of Life is built on Scala 2.8 and build with SBT. The Swing GUI is implemented using the Scala Swing library. In order to run it, simply clone the repository, start SBT and execute run. If you give an Int parameter you can modify the dimension of the playing field, the default is 25.

We are certainly hoping to get some feedback, questions, bug-reports (please use the issue tracker) or ideas on how to improve our tutorial.

bnd4sbt is open source software licensed under the Eclipse Public License v1.0. Just use it!