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node-odbc - An asynchronous Node interface to unixodbc and its supported drivers


var util = require('util');
var odbc = require("odbc");

var db = new odbc.Database();
db.open("DRIVER={FreeTDS};SERVER=host;UID=user;PWD=password;DATABASE=dbname", function(err)
	db.query("select * from table", function(err, rows, moreResultSets)


unixODBC binding to node. Needs a properly configured odbc(inst).ini. Tested locally using the FreeTDS and Postgres drivers.


  • Make sure you have the unixODBC binaries and unixODBC headers installed and the drivers configured.
  • On ubuntu and probably most linux distros the unixODBC header files are in the unixodbc-dev package (apt-get install unixodbc-dev)
  • On OSX one can use macports.org to install unixODBC (sudo port unixODBC)


git clone git://github.com/w1nk/node-odbc.git
cd node-odbc
node-waf configure build


npm install odbc


  • If you are using the FreeTDS ODBC driver and you have column names longer than 30 characters, you should add "TDS_Version=7.0" to your connection string to retrive the full column name.




None known, but there might be one ;).


  • Connection Management
  • Querying
  • Database Descriptions
  • Binding Parameters (thanks to @gurzgri)


  • Option to emit on each record to avoid collecting the entire dataset first and increasing memory usage
  • More error handling.
  • Tests
  • SQLGetData needs to support retrieving multiple chunks and concatenation in the case of large column values


  • orlandov's node-sqlite binding was the framework I used to figure out using eio's thread pool to handle blocking calls since non blocking odbc doesn't seem to appear until 3.8.


Lee Smith (notwink@gmail.com)

Dan VerWeire (dverweire@gmail.com)