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A quick and dirty gem for upgrading from rails 3.2 to rails 4
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Wize Upgrader Gem

This gem is for upgrading basic Rails 3.2 apps to Rails 4.

We have to upgrade a bunch of apps from Rails 3.2 to Rails 4. We built this gem to help. NB: most of our apps are simple, but this should handle 95% of the cases out there.

Getting started

$ gem install wize_upgrader

Run it from outside of your rails app.

$ wize_upgrader <rails_app_dir>

What it does

  • makes a copy of old app to _old
  • generates a new rails app with rails new <rails_app_dir> -T
  • copies over
    • .git
    • app
    • db
    • script => bin
    • spec
    • vendor
    • config/routes.rb
    • config/initializers (except wrap_parameters.rb)
    • config/locales
  • removes references to attr_accessible in models
  • uses attr_accessible list to create *_params method in related controllers

Assumptions / TODO

  • attr_accessible method calls are all one liners
  • does not maintain gem groups in Gemfile


  • fileutils
  • active_support/inflector
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