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うろつき, an endless 1k intro for linux by Ye Olde Laptops Posse
	code: w23 (
	palette model: korvin
	additional testing: decelas

created somewhere in the middle of august 2011
"partyversion" released 28.08.2011 @ Hackday17*, Novosibirsk, Russia
was unfinished atm (just shader, 854 bytes) and didn't have any audio
* - Hackday is not a demoscene event.

was somewhat completed 10.09.2011
could fight back a couple of bytes more, 11.09.2011
a story continues...

	- oldskool 2004-like GPU
	- at least 32-bit x86 cpu with fpu unit
	- Linux w/ X11+OpenGL+SDL

	- tools: GNU make, NASM
	- howto: make

KNOWN ISSUES (LOL LINUX!!1) with workarounds!

1) Ubuntu (x86_64?) doesn't have a proper symlink for the, so for the
	time being you have the following options:
	a. make it yourself (/usr/lib32/ should point to
	b. use LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib32/ (it will complain a bit, but 
		nonetheless run properly)
	c. use the fix_ubuntu scripts: urotsuki_<moderes>
	d. edit sources and replace with something your system has

2) Ubuntu's default /usr/lib32/ symlinks to Mesa's, which is 
	in no way correct one if you're using proprietary drivers. In this case use
	LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib32/nvidia-current or whatever (fglrx?).
	Gentoo, for example, always symlinks to a correct OpenGL implementation.
	There are fix_ubuntu_nvidia scripts for your convenience.

3) Mesa (opensource drivers) and (Nvidia) proprietary drivers produce 
	slightly different colors for yet unknown reason.

4) AMD/ATI's fglrx was not tested. If you're "happy" enough to run some,
	please try this	baby and tell about your experience. Thanks.

5) No other distros except Ubuntu and Gentoo have been tested. I'll be happy 
	to help in case you have any issues.


and yeah, plasma effect is old and lame, but we're also lame, and our laptops
are old enough for their GPUs not to be able to do branching in shaders.


next time we'll come up with something less retarded
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