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All the resources for my talk on Require.js and Backbone.js

You will need Grunt to build the presentation. Install grunt globally, then run:

npm install


You will also need Bower and Grunt to use the example code.


Open index.html in a browser

Post-slide flow and notes

  • Introduce Bower

    • Install on machine: npm install -g bower
    • Install jQuery, Backbone, Lodash, Handlebars.js, normalize-css...
    • Use .bowerrc to change install path
    • Show --save option
    • Show # to specify version
    • Install from git repo
  • Backbone code walkthrough

    • Explain code separation
    • 01 - Globals
    • 02 - Global namespace
      • Should be the minimum amount you do
    • 03 - AMD with Require
  • Build process

    • Could learn r.js, Grunt is better
      • Way more options (build templates, css pre-processors, and so much more)
      • Watch process
      • Once you use it, you'll want to use it all the time
    • Install on machine: npm install -g grunt-cli
    • Install for local use: npm install grunt grunt-contrib-requirejs grunt-contrib-handlebars and anything else
    • or Gruntfile.js

Simple App from scratch (code/demo)

  • Starts with H5BP
  • Use bower to install require, jquery, lodash, backbone, handlebars, normalize-css, modernizr
  • Fix paths in index.html and add require
  • Create main.js to bootstrap require
  • Build app...

Code examples (code/##)


  • All Backbone objects bound directly to window
  • Grunt concats
    • routers
    • views
    • models
    • collections
  • Grunt compiles
    • Handlebars templates
    • Bound to window.JST


  • Less typing
  • Less setup


  • Huge potential for global variable collisions
  • Suffix each classname with type (ie. BrewListView, BrewModel)


  • BrewApp namespace bound to window
  • All Backbone classes bount to BrewApp
  • Further namespaced by type (Views, Models, etc)
  • Grunt concats
    • routers
    • views
    • models
    • collections
  • Grunt compiles
    • Handlebars templates
    • Bound to BrewApp.Templates


  • Cleaner class names (ie. Models.Brew instead of BrewModel)
  • Very reduced chance of variable collision


  • Remember to create window.BrewApp
    • Or, add window.BrewApp = window.BrewApp || {} to every file
    • Or, inject via Grunt


  • Only script in HTML is require
  • Filenames more concise
  • Each file is now a module with defined dependecies
  • Grunt file building dist/app.js
  • Grunt further minifying to dist/app.min.js
  • NOTE: Backbone.history.navigate instead of router.navigate


  • Even cleaner separation of code
  • Very easy to see what modules are being used
    • Dependencies are managed per-module instead of per app
  • Easily build single js file
    • Only build modules being used
    • Faster page loads
  • Dependency injection (for mocks and testing)


  • More work to set up
  • Can be harder to debug
  • May be tricky to work in to an existing project piecemeal