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Simple script for adding Clojure linting support to Kakoune with joker
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joker inside kakoune

Just discovered kakoune and it is wonderful. I write a lot of clojure so i wanted to add linting support.

clj-kakoune-joker is a simple shell script that adds linting support.

Currently joker only supports linting for JVM clojure.

Installation & Configuration

  1. Make sure you have joker installed and available on your path.
  2. Make sure is accessable on your path.
  3. Modify your kakrc with the following options:
hook global WinSetOption filetype=clojure %{
    set-option global lintcmd ''
hook global BufWritePost .*\.(clj|cljc) %{


Save your clj or cljc file and watch the magic.

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