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Traceability Interoperability Specification

Interoperability Report Conformance Report


This specification describes an enterprise grade HTTP API for leveraging W3C Decentralized Identifiers and W3C Verifiable Credentials with W3C CCG Traceability Vocabulary and the VC API when possible.

We encourage contributions meeting the Contribution Guidelines. While we prefer the creation of Issues and Pull Requests in the GitHub repository, discussions often occur on the public-credentials mailing list as well, and at regular public meetings (see

Latest Spec

The current version of the specification can be found at specification

Traceability Interoperability

Getting Started

Reference Implementation

To simplify the creation of test vectors for the spec, we intend to provide a reference implementation.

This implementation will cover all required AND optional APIs, and will be used to ensure no breaking changes are accidentally contributed to the spec.

Postman Test Suites

To ensure conformance and interoperability, tests are conducted in a manner consistent with production environments. We maintain a set of Postman collections and client credential configurations containing conformance and interoperability test suites. These tests are executed via GitHub actions, on demand by implementers, and on a nightly scheduled basis. Please review the linked documentation for instructions on importing these test suites into your own local Postman environment.

This approach allows us to test implementations in production with the appropriate security and authorization policies in place.

If you would like to register an implementation to be tested against the test suite, please review the step-by-step instructions provided here.

Test suite registration is required for participation in upcoming technical demonstrations with various government and non-government entities related to trade and import/export data exchange.