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== Version 0.9.0
* initial version
== Version 0.9.1
* fixed include path bug
== Version 0.9.2 (the Ryan King edition)
* added check for HTML validator being unable to parse a file
== Version 0.9.3 (the Ryan King/Jonathan Julian/Sylvain LaFleur edition)
* MarkupValidator::validate_file now returns file path as Results.uri
* All validate_file methods now allow a file path or an IO object (e.g. File)
== Version 1.0.0 (the GitHub edition)
* Gemspec is now generated by a rake task to allow dynamic file lists
* Updated docs
== Version 1.0.1 (the Roman Shterenzon and James Rosen edition)
* Fixed CSS profile constants
* DRY unit tests
* GET should be used only for queries with URI
* Bugfix - file doesn't need to be writeable
== Version 1.0.2
* Added support for proxy servers
* Fixed to minor unit test errors
== Version 1.1
* Ruby 1.9 compatibility
* Switched to Nokogiri for XML parsing
== Version 1.2
* Use CSS3 as default profile
* Use Bundler and update to new RDoc command
== Version 1.3 (not yet published)
* drop ruby 1.9 compatibility
* Move markup and nu validators to https
* Use POST for file validation (avoid crash for big files)
* Use POST with x-www-form-urlencoded instead of multipart/form-data for feed validation
* Mock test with VCR to prevent w3c abuse ban when replaying tests
* Add support for context and skippedstring to CSS messages
* Create gemspec
* Move README from rdoc format to markdown format
* Add capability to manage vendor extension as warning or error
* Activate travis-ci build