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Thanks for stopping by! When we started this work, Service Workers were just becoming "a thing" - so this repo was intended to bootstrap the ecosystem. Since then countless amazing resources and videos on using Service Workers became available. As such, we are no longer able to keep up. Below links are still relevant, but we are not longer adding new ones.


We hope to build a set of reference applications that make full use of service workers. However, currently there are no working demos in this repo.

For ServiceWorker demos try out:

Service Worker recipes

  • Basic registration - a bare-bones sample that simply performs service worker registration, with placeholders for various event handlers.
  • Detailed registration - a sample that provides detailed information about the service worker registration and the state changes that a service worker undergoes.
  • Prefetching resources during installation - a sample demonstrating how to prefetch and cache a list of URLs during the service worker's installation, ensuring that they're available offline.
  • Selective caching - a sample of how a service worker can cache resources "on the fly", assuming the resources meet certain criteria (MIME type, domain, etc.).
  • Read-through caching - a sample of caching all resources that are requested "on the fly", unconditionally.
  • Offline Google Analytics - extends the read-through caching example to add in support for "replaying" failed Google Analytics pings, allowing pages to submit Google Analytics data associated with offline/cached page views.
  • Fallback responses - a sample illustrating how you can return alternative "fallback" content if an initial fetch request fails.
  • Mock responses - a sample illustrating how you can return content created on the fly in response to a page's requests.
  • Using postMessage - a sample illustrating the use of postMessage() to send commands from a controlled page to its service worker, giving the page control over the cache.

Basic Demos

Substantial demos

This repo is just getting started

All the code in this repo is in the earliest stage of development. We are looking for people to help us create these apps!

Our goal is to show how you can perform tasks that are common in native applications using this new set of APIs. We want to keep the apps simple, so they can be easily bisected and copied by anyone.

Please note that the spec and implementations are in a very early stage! You may find issues with implementations in that they may often change or produce strange results at first. :

To see what actually works in browsers today, see Jake Archibald's IsServiceWorkerReady page.

How can you help?

The process below is a guideline to how to get started.

  1. Fork this repo!
  2. Choose one of the apps from the directories above.
  3. Use the app's behavior draft to implement the application.
  4. Keep it really simple! See our list of resources below to learn about service workers.

How to run these things?

We will be hosting them on a website soon, so you can see them as we build them.

Right now, you will need:

Wanna build something different?

If you have a more interesting app you want to build, please add them to this repo. Just add a directory to the root directory with a file explaining what the app does and send us a pull request!




  • ServiceWorkerInternals (chrome canary only - chrome://serviceworker-internals/) - page for debugging ServiceWorkers in chrome, including stopping, unregistering and starting workers.


Related APIs


Demo apps utilizing Service Workers.






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