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Micropub Implementation Reports


Implementation Reports for servers are published through the test suite at https://micropub.rocks/

To submit a report, sign in to the tool and use it to test your implementation. You can submit a report through the website.

You can view the raw submitted reports here: https://micropub.rocks/reports

A summary is available at https://micropub.rocks/implementation-reports/servers/summary/ updated manually.


You can use the test suite at https://micropub.rocks/ to test your client. In doing so, the tool will build the implementation report for you, which you can then copy and paste as a new file in this repository.

To submit a report for your Micropub client, use the CLIENT-TEMPLATE.md file as a template and fill out the information based on your implementation. You can copy and paste the results from https://micropub.rocks after running the tests. Submit a pull request to this repository, or link to your completed file in a new issue.

View the summary of submitted reports here: https://micropub.rocks/implementation-reports/clients/