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Unicorn is W3C's unified validator, which helps people improve the quality of their Web pages by performing a variety of checks. Unicorn gathers the results of the popular HTML and CSS validators, as well as other useful services.

This site addresses these audiences:

  • Users, those who want to check their Web pages and understand how to fix them based on Unicorn results.
  • Developers, those who wish to add new services, work on existing services, or help develop the underlying Unicorn framework.
  • Server Managers, those who wish to run their own Unicorn service locally.
Make a donation to support W3C Developer Tools and the free Unicorn service and see below for providing feedback or reporting a bug.

Table of Contents

Use Unicorn - Make the Web Better!

Learn more about how to use Unicorn to improve the quality of your Web pages.

Suggestions and Bug Reports

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and bug reports.

Thanks for supporting Unicorn!

Develop Unicorn and Validation Services

W3C welcomes community participation to improve the open source Unicorn project. Note: the tabs at the top of this wiki relate Unicorn code development.

Add a new service to Unicorn

Unicorn is designed so that people may easily create and integrate new validation services.

Contribute code to Unicorn

If you are interested in contributing to the Unicorn code base, please write to public-qa-dev@w3.org.

Run a Unicorn Server

You may also wish to download and install your own Unicorn server (e.g., behind a company firewall).