Documenting gaps and requirements for support of Arabic and Persian on the Web and in eBooks.
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Arabic Layout Task Force

This group exists to explore gaps and requirements for support of Arabic and Persian languages on the Web and in eBooks.

It aims to address the problem that experts often don't know how to tell the W3C what problems exist for support of their script on the Web, and the W3C often doesn't know how to contact people who can help when questions arise.

Some experts may go a step further, and contribute to a gap-analysis or requirements document.

Topics for discussion are suggested by the gap-analysis template. This work feeds into the language matrix which gives an overview of languages needing attention.



Please use the GitHub issue list to report issues for language support, for discussions, and to send feedback about documents.


Rather than just 'Watch' this repository, it is best to subscribe to the public-i18n-arabic mailing list. That list is notified once a day (in digest form) about not only changes to this repository, but also about other W3C Working Group issues related to the Arabic writing systems. (Please use github issues rather than the mailing list to send feedback.) Meeting minutes are also sent to public-i18n-arabic.

You can find a list of open issues, including those from W3C Working Groups, on the Layout Tracker page. (That link applies an arabic filter.)


All contributors should read and agree with

Group members are expert contributors who participate actively in producing the work of the group, regularly contributing text and advice to create the outputs, and participating in meetings. For more information about becoming a task force member contact Richard Ishida. We welcome participation requests.


Links for editors

If you edit a document, you should be familiar with and use the following:

The following templates are available:

Links to background information

The following information describes work going on at the W3C to support languages on the Web.