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Change Log for July 2018 APG 1.1 Note Release 2

Matt King edited this page Jul 20, 2018 · 1 revision

Grid Pattern: Editorial clarification of keyboard guidance

By Matt King on Thu Jan 18 20:57:38 2018 -0800

I received feedback that the keyboard guidance for grid implied that the browser provided grid naivgation keys where it says:

These key commands are available by default after an element in the grid receives focus.

Modified aria-practices.html to change it to:

Implementations of grid make these key commands available when an element in the grid has received focus, e.g., after a user has moved focus to the grid with Tab.

View commit 4a939bd

Common files: utility.js and mapping-tables.js that works without respec

By michael-n-cooper on Fri Jan 19 16:45:45 2018 -0500

View commit 329477c

ARIA 1.1 Combobox with Grid Popup Example: Task Force Reviews Completed

By Matt King on Mon Jan 22 08:58:39 2018 -0800

Modified examples/combobox/aria1.1pattern/grid-combo.html to remove link to review issue #500. The task force review process is complete.

View commit dc2a614

re-add dialog_layer id

By Evan Yamanishi on Sat Mar 10 14:32:43 2018 -0500

View commit 4b9fba6

Principal > principle

By Patrick H. Lauke on Sun Mar 18 00:38:53 2018 +0000

View commit 7cd5a3f

A few typos on the landmarks pages #625

By Carolyn MacLeod on Fri Mar 23 16:53:57 2018 -0400

View commit a26d82a

Merge pull request #626 from carmacleod/issue625

By James Nurthen on Wed Apr 4 13:34:52 2018 -0700

A few typos on the landmarks pages #625

View commit 9ca8bbd

Merge pull request #615 from sh0ji/dialog-hotfix

By James Nurthen on Wed Apr 4 13:50:39 2018 -0700

re-add dialog_layer id

View commit 65a165b

Merge pull request #621 from patrickhlauke/patch-1

By James Nurthen on Wed Apr 4 13:52:14 2018 -0700

Principal > principle

View commit 53d802c

Fix for #619

By James Nurthen on Fri Apr 6 11:01:56 2018 -0700

View commit 50ea0b9

#634: Correct ARIA spec ED URL

By Michiel Bijl on Mon Apr 9 14:22:13 2018 +0200

View commit eb82d20

TRAVIS-CI update from aria-common

By michael-n-cooper on Fri Apr 13 22:48:53 2018 +0000

View commit 8db551a

Read Me: Add link to code guide

By Matt King on Sun Apr 15 19:12:23 2018 -0700

View commit db540ae

ARIA 1.1 Combobox Examples: Remove null entry rendered in Edge and fix HTML errors

By Patrick H. Lauke on Fri Apr 20 18:25:03 2018 +0100

To resolve issue #622:

  1. Change the way grid and listbox are cleared to prevent extraneous "null" entry in IE/Edge.
  2. Fix various HTML errors in the example pages.

View commit a3349f2

Layout Grid Examples: Fix html validation issues (pull #645)

By Kasper Christensen on Fri Apr 20 18:38:22 2018 +0100

Changes to resolve issue #579:

  • Removed true value for HTML 5 boolean
  • Removed unnecessary type attribute from script element

View commit 31c7b7f

bug(toolbar): bad mime type for CSS links (#654)

By Nick Schonning on Mon Apr 23 09:43:18 2018 -0400

View commit d957be2

chore: Update ESLint task globbing

By Nick Schonning on Mon Apr 23 09:43:18 2018 -0400

View commit 3ddc8b7

TRAVIS-CI update from aria-common

By michael-n-cooper on Tue Apr 24 00:38:20 2018 +0000

View commit 2336e78

Typo in grid element focus section heading #660

By Carolyn MacLeod on Tue Apr 24 13:42:35 2018 -0400

View commit 4ba8dca

Typo in layout grid description #659

By Carolyn MacLeod on Tue Apr 24 15:05:06 2018 -0400

View commit 27645fa

Merge pull request #662 from carmacleod/issue659

By James Nurthen on Tue Apr 24 17:35:45 2018 -0700

Typo in layout grid description #659

View commit db92361

Correcting text error "withthe" to "with the" (#668)

By Kevin Coughlin on Thu Apr 26 00:47:49 2018 -0700

View commit e48a51c

Remove unused variables (#632)

By Kasper Christensen on Sat Apr 28 13:18:22 2018 +0100

  • Update MenuItemAction.js

Removed unused variables.

  • Update MenuItemLinks.js

Removed unused variables

  • Update Menubutton.js

Removed unused variables

  • Update Menubutton2.js

Removed unused variables

  • Update PopupMenuActionActivedescendant.js

Removed unused variables

View commit 8cb2b4c

Clarify wrap direction when using left arrow

By Jeremy Felt on Mon Apr 30 15:32:46 2018 -0700

The "wrapping from the last to the first" text is the same for both the right and left arrow instructions. It seems more clear to specify "first to last" when using the left arrow.

View commit 628d831

Update .pr-preview.json

By Michael Cooper on Tue May 1 09:51:30 2018 -0400

View commit b6fec36

Fix typo in tabs.js

By Michiel Bijl on Fri May 4 13:53:28 2018 +0200

View commit ea95316

Correct indentation of the head

By Michiel Bijl on Mon May 7 23:34:22 2018 +0200

View commit 01694f1

Correct indentation of the head

By Michiel Bijl on Tue May 8 07:20:45 2018 +0200

View commit af240bd

Changed Affiliation and email address

By James Nurthen on Wed May 9 10:43:25 2018 -0700

View commit 87ea1e7

Merge pull request #673 from jeremyfelt/patch-1

By James Nurthen on Wed May 9 10:45:11 2018 -0700

Clarify wrap direction when using left arrow

View commit 1fd1e9b

Merge pull request #661 from carmacleod/issue660

By James Nurthen on Wed May 9 10:47:32 2018 -0700

Typo in grid element focus section heading #660

View commit df74455

Fix Typo for #682

By James Nurthen on Wed May 16 15:03:22 2018 -0700

View commit 5839cad

Merge branch 'master' of

By James Nurthen on Wed May 16 15:03:29 2018 -0700

View commit 7bf3b4b

Fix #571

By James Nurthen on Wed May 16 15:15:40 2018 -0700

View commit 8c43c85

fix #674

By James Nurthen on Wed May 16 15:27:21 2018 -0700

View commit 398d711

Add role=none to fix #572

By James Nurthen on Fri May 18 14:52:20 2018 -0700

View commit fbd468b

Modify HTML5 techniques section for region and form to fix #636

By James Nurthen on Fri May 18 15:08:57 2018 -0700

View commit 639b916

Make proposed change in #585 to clarify radio buttons

By James Nurthen on Fri May 18 16:26:44 2018 -0700

View commit a84d4d3

Add idref to step 3 of landmark section and link to it from within doc

By James Nurthen on Wed May 23 13:29:31 2018 -0700

View commit 30a96f0

Merge pull request #655 from nschonni/eslint-glob

By James Nurthen on Wed May 23 14:30:29 2018 -0700

chore: Update ESLint task globbing and autofix

View commit 648a01a

chore: add VNU checking

By Nick Schonning on Fri Jul 14 01:34:41 2017 -0400

View commit 1db46a7

chore: add JDK8 for Travis

By Nick Schonning on Fri Jul 14 02:00:03 2017 -0400

View commit ab034af

chore: add initial Nu Validator error filters

By Nick Schonning on Tue Aug 1 03:23:08 2017 -0400

View commit 38c0a36

Two-State Checkbox Example: Add missing group label (pull request 694)

By Jon Gunderson on Sun Jun 3 14:29:27 2018 -0500

Closes #604 by:

  1. added a div around the list of checkboxes with role group and aria-labelledby pointing to the heading that labels the group of checkboxes.
  2. Updating the roles, states, and properties documentation to include the group and aria-labelledby.

View commit 4557ea9

Editor Menubar examples: Make mouse behaviors, focus movement, and menu item appearance change triggers more consistent with desktop conventions (pull 593)

By Carolyn MacLeod on Sun Jun 3 16:37:19 2018 -0400

This commit includes the following changes to the editor menubar to work toward resolution of issue #408.

  1. Open menus remain open if the user moves the mouse away; remove timeouts that close menu when the mouse moves away.
  2. Mouse behaviors that cause an open menu to close are: A. User clicks anywhere outside the menu. B. User clicks or uses keyboard to activate an action item in the open menu. C. User hovers over a different parent menu item in the menubar, triggering display of that parent's submenu. D. User types tab or shift+tab
  3. Submenus open on hover over a parent item in the menubar only if another submenu is already open. That is, if all submenus are closed, a click on a parent menu item is required to display a submenu.
  4. A parent menu item retains it's activated appearance while its submenu is open.
  5. Focus moves in response to clicks.
  6. Focus moves in response to hover only when a submenu is open and the user hovers over an item in that submenu.

Code changes:

  • deleted hasFocus and hasHover state booleans because they are no longer needed
  • added popupMenu.isOpen() which checks for aria-expanded=true on the corresponding menubar item's DOM element
  • added ESC key handling on menubar items (closes menu if open)
  • clicking on menubar item opens menu, clicking again on same menubar item closes it
  • make sure browser doesn't scroll when clicking on menubar item (default behavior for clicking on link)
  • removed focus, blur, and mouseout event handling and timeouts from menubar items
  • removed focus, blur, mouseover, and mouseout event handling and timeouts from popup menu items
  • added focusout on menubar item and popup menu item to close menu if focus will be going outside of the menubar
  • if a menu is open, then hovering over a different menubar item opens its menu instead
  • removed check for anchor element children of menubar items (was probably an artefact from a previous implementation)
  • removed mouseover and mouseout events from popup menu
  • removed 'force' parameter from popup menu close() function
  • deleted some vars that were declared but not used, or were declared twice
  • fixed a few comments that didn't quite match the code
  • declared some vars as local that were declared as global (i.e. without var keyword) but did not need to be
  • removed some redundant checks, i.e. while (e) { if (e ...) }
  • changed != to !== and == to === where appropriate
  • removed css for hovering over menubar item (not needed because hovering focuses menubar item)
  • Fix code style problems flagged by Travis CI
  • added "focus" class on the menubar as a styling hook to not show hover style if menubar is focussed
  • added focusin handling to menubar, and moved focusout handling up to menubar (formerly in menubar item and menu item) to support .focus styling hook
  • changed menubar's setFocusToItem function to not change focus or tabindex on mouse hover, unless menubar already has focus
  • added mouseover handling to menuitem to give focus to hovered item in open menu
  • removed unused flag parameter from 2 functions
  • Bug fix: if mouse is over menubar item and keyboard left/right opens another menu, then mouse click without moving first should close open menu first before opening.
  • Remove focus outline, lighten menubar items' hover background, remove hover css for separator, fix comment.
  • Keep focus style on menubar item when menu is open.
  • Make travis happy by adding newline at eof.
  • Separate menubar item focus style from menuitem focus styles. Add border to focused menubar item.

Focus movement test:

  1. Hover the mouse over one of the menubar items (don't click!)
  2. Type Tab. Focus moves to the first link at the top of the page, as expected. There is no focus on hover.
  3. Click the mouse on a menubar item. Focus moves to the menubar item and opens its menu, as expected.
  4. type any combination of up, down, left, right arrow keys, Focus will move through the menubar and its menus and their menuitems as specified.
  5. Type Tab. Focus moves to the textarea as expected.
  6. Click on a menubar item to open its menu.
  7. Move the mouse down so that it hovers over any of the items in the open menu.
  8. Use the up or down arrows. Focus will continue moving through items from the location of mouse hover.

Moving focus in test step 7 results in a superior user experience for the following reasons:

  1. It creates a seamless experience for users who switch from mouse to keyboard and back again.
  2. It creates a consistent experience for sighted screen reader users, because without the focus change on hover, the screen reader remains silent when the mouse is moving through the items, even though they are being highlighted with css.
  3. It is harmless, because there is no loss of context. The menubar already has the focus, and all focus changes are contained within the menubar and its children (i.e. focus is not being blasted to some random element on hover - it's just moving within already-focused children). In fact, the focus changes help to maintain context.
  4. It is the same behavior as desktop menubars.
  5. It is the same behavior as Google docs web app menubars.

View commit 125a659

Clean up button example code (pull #609)

By Philipp Rudloff on Mon Jun 4 16:57:00 2018 +0200

In preparation for developing examples for tri-state toggle buttons (see issue #535).

  • Fixes indentation issues in the markup
  • Removing type="text/javascript" (some scripts have it, some don’t. I chose one.)
  • Removed / in the meta charset tag (some examples have it, some don’t).

View commit e683226

Merge pull request #421 from nschonni/vnu-jar

By James Nurthen on Tue Jun 5 15:17:23 2018 -0700

chore: add VNU checking

View commit 682801a

Refactor examples.js fixing indentation and other formatting bugs (pull #653)

By Philipp Rudloff on Sun Jun 10 00:22:11 2018 +0200

refactors examples.js, which formats HTML source for display on example pages, to:

  • Fix outer-most elements being indented by two extra spaces
  • Fix source code starting with unnecessary empty line
  • Fix indentation of multi-line text nodes (contents of <body> and <script> in particular)
  • Fix ! being removed from opening comments <-- instead of <!--
  • Fix the characters < and > not being replaced with their respective HTML entities (supersedes #646).
  • When attributes are wrapped, they are now aligned to the column of the first attribute. Previously, two spaces of indentation were missing.
  • Fix omission of closing tag for elements that had no child nodes (e.g. <div role="separator"> wouldn’t be closed in the output). Closing tags are now only omitted from void elements as allowed per the spec. (see HTML 5.3, The HTML syntax, Void elements) based on the actual tag name. Note: This doesn’t cover SVG elements like <use>.

View commit c555c83

Treeview examples: fix blink on hover (pull #689)

By Vyacheslav Aristov on Tue Jun 12 19:11:15 2018 +0300

For issue #712, change CSS so hovering to right of tree does not cause blinking.

View commit d84c8bd

Collapsible Listbox example: Add missing aria-labelledby to documentation table

By Matt King on Tue Jun 12 23:55:43 2018 -0700

For issue #584, modified listbox-collapsible.html. In the roles, states, and properties table, added row to document the use of aria-labelledby on the button element.

View commit 61a19b3

Landmark Regions: Fix labeling requirement issue #453 (#687)

By James Nurthen on Fri Jun 15 10:36:34 2018 -0700

Editorial clarification to landmark labeling guidance to explain when unique labels are needed and when duplicate labels may be appropriate.

View commit e8e10ea

TRAVIS-CI update from aria-common

By michael-n-cooper on Fri Jun 15 21:57:48 2018 +0000

View commit 429839f

Treegrid Design Pattern: Initial draft (pull #714)

By Jon Gunderson on Mon Jun 18 09:58:50 2018 -0500

For issue #91, add a draft of pattern section for treegrid.

View commit 2025725

Fix typo: overlayed/overlaid

By Dan Matthew on Thu Jun 21 13:09:37 2018 +0100

View commit befb026

Merge pull request #729 from danielmatthew/patch-1

By James Nurthen on Thu Jun 21 11:33:52 2018 -0700

Fix typo: overlayed/overlaid

View commit 705f17c

Tabs Pattern: Clarify where focus should go when deleting tabs to fix issue 602 (pull #683)

By James Nurthen on Sat Jun 23 00:29:29 2018 -0700

To resolve issue #602:

  • Clarified description of deleting the tab at the end of the tab list
  • For where to move focus after last remaining tab was deleted, borrowed logical work flow language from button and dialog patterns.
  • Added missing "optionally" for activation.
  • Added missing optional tab activation statement to home and end key commands.

View commit 94ed309

Radio Group Examples: Style both button and label on focus and hover (pull #703)

By Jon Gunderson on Sat Jun 23 19:00:38 2018 -0500

For issue #568:

  • Updated keyboard focus styling to include border around both the radio button and label
  • Updated hover style to highlight both the radio button and the label

View commit 4ce958c

Navigation menu button example: collapse menu when clicking button (pull #731)

By Rob Fentress on Sun Jun 24 18:47:47 2018 -0400

For issue #695, change so that if the menu is displayed and the menu button is activated, the menu is collapsed.

View commit 0dfdc87

Editor menubar example: Make Escape close submenu when focus in menubar (pull #723)

By Jon Gunderson on Sun Jun 24 18:17:40 2018 -0500

For issue #451:

  • Adds ability to close open submenu with Escape key when focus is in menubar.
  • Add row to menubar keyboard table for Escape key.

View commit d9a1f79

Add version of Alert dialog example ready for final publication review (pull #737)

By Matt King on Sun Jun 24 20:52:38 2018 -0700

For issue #101:

  • editorial: fix fragment sentence
  • target labels directly
  • improve dialog sizing & positioning for desktop. changes the design to mobile-first, and allows the size of the modal to better fit its contents on desktop
  • add box shadow
  • add alertdialog to the list of valid Dialog roles
  • make the alert notification more prominent
  • remove #base_window_layer This layer was previously overriding the layout defined by, as well as acting as a scroll container for the non-dialog content. It was removed in favor of the base layout, and scroll is simply disabled on the body when a dialog is open.
  • clicking and selecting are different
  • be more consistent about gt/lt usage
  • vnu: The “type” attribute is unnecessary for JavaScript resources.
  • serialize the interaction features for easier readability
  • more consistent code highlighting
  • formatting
  • more consistent language
  • remove redundant li
  • treat the alert like a notification that slides in on the top right
  • redesign: implement save via local storage; repurpose alert for save
  • Alert Dialog Example: Fix inconsistencies with example template Modified examples/dialog-modal/alertdialog.html:
  • Remove header element from related links nav and fix aria-label
  • remove aria-labelledby from main
  • remove aria-labeledby from sections that turned them into regions
  • Alert Dialog Example: Make title tag consistent with H1
  • Alert Dialog Example: editorial revisions to introduction
  • Alert dialog example: fix URIs of similar examples and adjust link descriptions.
  • Alert Dialog Example: editorial revisions to accessibility features.
  • Add link to review issue 736
  • Alert Example: Add link to alert dialog

View commit 9c2cfca

Alert Dialog Pattern: Add link to example

By Matt King on Sun Jun 24 21:02:57 2018 -0700

View commit 3a7404c

Tree View Pattern: Remove implication that selection always follows focus in single-selects

By Matt King on Sun Jun 24 21:38:07 2018 -0700

For issue #652, modified tree view pattern in aria-practices.html:

  • Changed wording of paragraph in the pattern introduction that describes single-select and multi-select trees.
  • Added a link to the section with guidance on when to choose to have selection follow focus.

View commit c7860cc

Tree View Pattern: Clarify optional selection keyboard commands

By Matt King on Sun Jun 24 23:13:25 2018 -0700

For issue #708, modified tree view pattern section in aria-practices.html:

  • Change shift+space wording to be consistent with wording in listbox pattern.
  • Change ctrl-shift-home to state that it can optionally move focus to the first node.
  • Change ctrl-shift-end to state that it can optionally move focus to the last node.

View commit 3dab932

Listbox Pattern: Clarify optional selection keyboard commands

By Matt King on Sun Jun 24 23:30:26 2018 -0700

To make listbox consistent with changes in commit 3dab932 made for issue #708, modified listbox pattern section in aria-practices.html:

  • Change ctrl-shift-home to state that it can optionally move focus to the first node.
  • Change ctrl-shift-end to state that it can optionally move focus to the last node.

View commit 18158ea

Modal Dialog Example: Fix HTML source display highlighting (pull #741)

By Evan Yamanishi on Wed Jun 27 01:10:33 2018 -0400

Fix issue #738 by adding missing app.js script and fixing HTML source display wrapper.

View commit dc1ed44

Navigation Menubar Example: Fix escape key behavior when in menubar or in second level submenu (pull #740)

By Jon Gunderson on Wed Jun 27 00:38:16 2018 -0500

For issues #451 and #795, change escape key processing. When focus in menubar, close any open submenu. When focus in second level submenu, close second level menu and focus parent menuitem.

View commit 15b87d9

Navigation Menu Button Example: fix unreachable code and shift-tab not closing menu (pull #716)

By Jon Gunderson on Wed Jun 27 01:00:47 2018 -0500

  • fixed unreachable code problem described in issue #396.
  • Made shift-tab close menu as described in issue #588.

View commit 8bc433e

ARIA 1.0 Combobox Example: Make escape clear textbox (pull #734)

By Matt King on Tue Jun 26 23:27:54 2018 -0700

Fixes issue #559 by both closing pop-up if open and clearing textbox when escape key is pressed when focus is in the textbox.

View commit efcd04e

Editor Menubar Example: Add notes about hover and focus movement (pull #711)

By Matt King on Wed Jun 27 00:13:24 2018 -0700

For issue #603, modified: examples/menubar/menubar-2/menubar-2.html. In the accessibility features section, added items 4 and 5 describing the conditions when mouse hover can move focus.

View commit eafc098

ARIA 1.1 Combobox Examples: Use for attribute on label element instead of aria-labelledby on input element (pull #746)

By Evan Yamanishi on Wed Jul 11 00:40:49 2018 -0400

Resolve issue #542 by making following changes to both pages containing aria 1.1 combo examples:

  • Removing aria-labelledby from input
  • Adding for attribute to label element to reference input
  • Updating documentation table

View commit 72f4bb2

ARIA 1.1 Combobox Examples: Clarify differences from ARIA 1.0 pattern

By Matt King on Tue Jul 10 22:29:47 2018 -0700

Editorial revisions to the role, state, and property tables for the ARIA 1.1 combobox examples changing documentation for:

  • Placement of combobox role
  • Placement of aria-owns
  • Use of aria-controls

New documentation explains reasons for the differences.

View commit c1211d6

Layout Grid Examples: Fix documentation of grid label

By Matt King on Wed Jul 11 00:58:10 2018 -0700

Fixes issue #751:

  • Remove row in roles, states, and properties table for aria-label.
  • change row for aria-labelledby so it describes all three examples instead of just 1 and 2.

View commit 6c93a35

Layout Grid Examples: Fix problems described in issue 758

By Matt King on Wed Jul 11 02:40:48 2018 -0700

modified examples/grid/LayoutGrids.html to fix the following problems described in issue #758.

Problem 1: tabindex="-1" is not only applied to span elements. It is applied to div as well.

Resolution 1: Updated documentation of tabindex. Made it consistent with descriptions of roving tabindex in other examples. Added documentation of tabindex=0 as well.

Problem 2: The definition of the word "cell" is not consistent between the attribute table and the keyboard table.

Resolution 2: Added a note above the keyboard table describing how cell is used.

View commit 61b428d

Roving Tabindex Radio Example: Fix link to roving tabindex guidance

By Matt King on Wed Jul 11 02:52:54 2018 -0700

The href of the two links to the section roving tabindex was missing a '/..' so was one directory off. Apparently did not test as broken because there is an index.html left over in the examples directory, but only in the gh-pages branch; deleting that separately.

View commit a49121c

Add Treegrid Example (pull #762)

By Matt King on Thu Jul 12 00:00:11 2018 -0700

For issue #132, adds an example of the treegrid pattern.

View commit 84fb90f

Landmark Guidance: Emphasize that only perceivable content needs to be in landmark regions

By Matt King on Thu Jul 12 16:34:36 2018 -0700

Per issue #637, modified aria-practices.html and examples/landmarks/index.html so that where the language:

all content is used, it instead says: all perceivable content

This change was made in two places.

View commit 7123db1

Menu pattern: Change so submenus are siblings of parent menuitems for issue 592

By Matt King on Thu Jul 12 17:11:41 2018 -0700

Per issue #592, changed roles, states, and properties subsection of menu design pattern section in aria-practices.html to state that a submenu is a sibling of its parent menuitem. Previously it stated that the submenu menu element is a child.

View commit 5eea421

Update to allow build to proceed pending ARIA #558

By James Nurthen on Thu Jul 12 21:51:19 2018 -0700

View commit ca1f155

Regression Test Support: Add Testing data attributes to menubar-2.html (pull #778)

By Valerie Young on Mon Jul 16 17:20:52 2018 -0400

To support test scripts, add data-test-id attributes to tr elements in the documentation tables on menubar-2.html example page.

View commit 500e658

Listbox Pattern: Replace incorrect use of treeitem with option (pull #771)

By Boris Dušek on Tue Jul 17 00:32:35 2018 +0200

The note in the Listbox pattern describing use of aria-activedescendant incorrectly referred to treeitem instead of option , probably due to a copy/paste error. This replaces that use of treeitem with option.

View commit f73489f

Treegrid Design Pattern: Editorial Corrections per Jul 16 Feedback in issue 91

By Matt King on Tue Jul 17 09:02:32 2018 -0700

Per feedback from #annabbott in issue #91, made multiple editorial revisions. Made additional changes to phrasing to be more consistent with other patterns. Removed first two sentences of first note in roles, states, and properties. They stated that row and gridcell roles were not needed on treegrids built from HTML tables; that is currently not consistent with the ARIA in HTML spec.

View commit 73eea9d

Combobox 1.1 listbox and Layout Grid example pages: add data attribs for regression test script (pull #766)

By Valerie Young on Tue Jul 17 12:37:30 2018 -0400

  • listbox-combo.html: add data-test-id
  • grid/LayoutGrids.html: add data-test-id

View commit 1819d3c

Regression Test support: Updates to menubar-2 data-test-id (pull #782)

By Valerie Young on Tue Jul 17 12:42:57 2018 -0400

Fixes duplicate data-test-id values used by regression test scripts for the menubar2.html tests.

View commit d889c4c

TRAVIS-CI update from aria-common

By michael-n-cooper on Thu Jul 19 17:16:10 2018 +0000

View commit 60901a3

Treegrid Example: Editorial revisions

By Matt King on Thu Jul 19 11:03:36 2018 -0700

Revised examples/treegrid/treegrid-1.html based on feedback from @annabbott and @charmarkk in issue #132.

View commit 9cb57de

Treegrid Example: Revise Keyboard Table Note

By Matt King on Thu Jul 19 11:22:50 2018 -0700

In examples/treegrid/treegrid-1.html, made minor editorial revisions to the note that prefaces the table of keyboard command descriptions.

View commit 77ca94d

Treegrid Example: Update Review Issue Link

By Matt King on Thu Jul 19 12:48:33 2018 -0700

Modified examples/treegrid/treegrid-1.html to remove link to development issue 132 and replace it with link to review issue 790.

View commit 0cb67c4

Regression Tests: Add data-test-ids to 5 example pages (pull #791)

By Valerie Young on Thu Jul 19 18:39:15 2018 -0400

Adds regression test data-test-id attribute values for: dialog.html menu-button-actions.html slider-1.html tabs-1/tabs.html treeview-1/treeview-1a.html

View commit 61a075d

Editor menubar example: Fix errors in roles, states, and props documentation for menuitem, group, and separator

By Matt King on Fri Jul 20 00:22:55 2018 -0700

For issue #781, modified roles, states, and properties documentation in menubar/menubar-2/menubar-2.html:

  • For menubar, changed menuitem element to a from li for menuitem row and subsequent states and properties.
  • For group role in submenu, added aria-label row.
  • Added row for separator role in submenu.
  • Other minor editorial revisions.

View commit 71b437e

Grid pattern: Add guidance for aria-selected to support column selection

By Matt King on Fri Jul 20 00:42:58 2018 -0700

Resolve issue #772 by adding the following to the states and properties section of the grid pattern in aria-practices.html: If the grid supports column selection and a column is selected, all cells in the column have <code>aria-selected</code> set to <code>true</code>.

View commit a0c06a9

Tree View Pattern: Provide guidance for multi-select trees that contain nodes that are not selectable

By Matt King on Fri Jul 20 01:34:26 2018 -0700

In response to discussion in issue #745, made minor revision to the states and properties section of the tree view pattern section in aria-practices.html. Clarifies that only selectable nodes have aria-selected and nodes that are not selectable do not.

View commit 05faf11

Treegrid Pattern: Replace Note including development issue link with new note containing review issue link

By Matt King on Fri Jul 20 03:43:18 2018 -0700

Changed the introductory note in the treegrid pattern in aria-practices.html to replace the link to development issue #91 with a link to a new review issue 793. Describe the pattern as new in APG 1.1 R2.

View commit 3aec48b

Alert Dialog Example: Remove Review Link

By Matt King on Fri Jul 20 03:52:31 2018 -0700

modified examples/dialog-modal/alertdialog.html: Remove link to tf review issue for publication.

View commit 6ec9772

Radio Group Examples: Update accessibility features note about focus and hover styling

By Matt King on Fri Jul 20 04:10:30 2018 -0700

For issue #568, modified:

  • examples/radio/radio-1/radio-1.html
  • examples/radio/radio-2/radio-2.html

Added notes to accessibility features section explaining the styling implemented for focus and hover.

View commit da21a48

Tabs Pattern: Add guidance on tab list labeling

By Matt King on Fri Jul 20 04:26:14 2018 -0700

For issue #620, changed the roles, states, and properties section of the tabs pattern in aria-practices.html.

State aria-labelledby or aria-label is used to label the tablist element.

View commit 55b113f

Accordion Example and Pattern: Add Tab and Remove ctrl-PageUp and Ctrl-PageDown from documentation

By Matt King on Fri Jul 20 05:13:05 2018 -0700

Changed keyboard interaction documentation in the accordion pattern in aria-practices.html and the accordion example in examples/accordion/accordion.html:

  • For issue #400, remove ctrl-pageUp and ctrl-pageDown (optional commands) from the pattern.
  • For issue #426, add documentation of Tab and Shift+Tab.

View commit 2b6dcaf

Alert Example: Fix broken link to alert dialog example

By Matt King on Fri Jul 20 06:16:46 2018 -0700

For issue #786, fix link to alert dialog example in examples/alert/alert.html.

View commit be6562c

Alert Pattern: Fix broken link to alert example

By Matt King on Fri Jul 20 06:25:59 2018 -0700

For issue #786, modified the link to the example in the alert section of aria-practices.html.

View commit 168bcd9

ARIA 1.0 Combobox Example: Fix Link to js file in source display section

By Matt King on Fri Jul 20 06:32:53 2018 -0700

For issue #786, Changed the Javascript source section in examples/combobox/aria1.0pattern/combobox-autocomplete-list.html: Fixed link to combobox-1.0-list.js.

View commit 541bdf9

Layout Grid Examples: Fix broken links in example 3

By Matt King on Fri Jul 20 07:10:28 2018 -0700

For issue #786, fix links included in example 3 on examples/grid/LayoutGrids.html.

View commit 7a80757

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