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Clipboard Events spec

This repository contains the specification for Clipboard Events.

The editor's draft is live on and the latest W3C Technical Report is

Tests for the spec are maintained inside the source code of the spec itself. They are extracted and built into a test suite by running TC-generator/ When web-platform-tests/pull/1242 is done, the tests will live in the web-platform-tests repo.

Contributions welcome - both tests and suggested edits. Because this specification is written using Bikeshed, all edits should be made to the file. The index.html file can then be generated by running the bikeshed command (with no arguements) in the repo directory. If you cannot run Bikeshed, you can still submit pull requests with edits to just the file and the CI will generate the appropriate HTML.

This specification formerly used W3C's CVS repository but that repo is no longer used for this specification.