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.github Copy ISSUE_TEMPLATE from csswg-drafts repository. Nov 29, 2016
box-tree-api Change children attribute from sequence<T> to FrozenArray<T> (#795) Aug 14, 2018
css-animationworklet [css-animationworklet] Actually correct exposed set on AWGS IDL (#907) Jun 28, 2019
css-layout-api [css-layout-api] Name the FragmentResultOptions argument (#858) Feb 21, 2019
css-paint-api fix typo (#818) Jul 23, 2019
css-parser-api Add w3cid metadata for all editors. Nov 9, 2017
css-properties-values-api [css-properties-values-api] Define that clashing @Property rules have… Jul 22, 2019
css-typed-om-2 [meta] fix shortname May 10, 2018
css-typed-om [css-typed-om] Slightly more specific that reifying as a CSSSTyleValu… Jun 20, 2019
font-metrics-api [font-metrics-api] Convert sequence<T> attributes to FrozenArray<T> Feb 11, 2019
images [css-layout-api] Add image. May 9, 2016
scroll-customization-api Update Sep 20, 2016
worklets [css-worklets] Fix up linking now that WebIDL is in Bikeshed. (#289) Jul 23, 2019
.gitignore rename bikeshed source files, add .hgignore and .gitignore Feb 7, 2015
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CSS-TAG Houdini Task Force Specifications

This is the repository containing the CSS/TAG Houdini Task Force specifications.

In addition to this git repository, a Mercurial mirror is maintained at, if for whatever reason you prefer Mercurial.

Specification issues are raised and discussed in GitHub Issues in this repository.

We also maintain the public-houdini mailing list for general-interest topics.

New specifications are generally first incubated in the WICG, in particular:


For normative changes, a corresponding web-platform-tests PR is highly appreciated. Typically, both PRs will be merged at the same time. Note that a test change that contradicts the spec should not be merged before the corresponding spec change. If testing is not practical, please explain why and if appropriate file an issue to follow up later. Add the type:untestable or type:missing-coverage label as appropriate.

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