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CSS Houdini Wiki

The objective of the CSS-TAG Houdini Task Force (CSS Houdini) is to jointly develop features that explain the “magic” of Styling and Layout on the web.

This wiki is to help the CSS Houdini record resolutions and open issues, to share them with the public, and to encourage public involvement in the development of CSS extensibility. Contributions to this wiki are governed by the same conditions as the W3C Mobile Web Wiki Contribution Policy. Note that editing is restricted to CSS Working Group members except in the Testing section (which is open to all).

The CSS Houdini Group welcomes your feedback on our work! Public discussion of our specs happens on the archived public-houdini mailing list.

The scope of the task force can be found at the current charter.

The task force uses the planning page to coordinate topics for our face-to-face meetings.


  • Ideas - Ideas not yet in a spec
  • specs - Specifications that Houdini is working on
  • Meeting Planning Pages - Meeting plans and schedules
  • background - Information on CSS polyfills and related efforts
  • Customers - List of specific projects / groups to validate our work